Plagiarism & Disciplinary Issues

Plagiarism and disciplinary issues

If your conduct falls below what is expected by the University - either academically or in your behaviour - you may be called to a Plagiarism or Disciplinary panel.

Plagiarism Panel

Cheating and plagiarism are regarded by the University to be substantial academic irregularities. This means that anything defined by the University to be plagiarism is dealt with under the University's Code of Discipline for students.

Students have the responsibility to:

  • Familiarise themselves with the University's definition of plagiarism (copying someone else's work, either deliberately or accidentally, and attempting to pass it as your own)
  • Adhere to the University's guidelines on acceptable academic practice in terms of Citations and Referencing
  • To be aware of the consequences of academic misconduct in relation to plagiarism. 

Academic irregularity is a serious issue and can have significant consequences on your academic career.

The University has two types of plagiarism - Minor and Major. 

Minor infractions, are usually ones in which the student has accidentally copied or partly copied the work of another person, without properly citing it. Minor cases usually result in the student being made to re-submit the work, with a capped mark of 40%. 

Major infractions, are usually cases in which the student has taken deliberate steps to copy someone elses work in order to pass it off as their own. Major cases normally result in a severe consequences, and it is not unknown for students to be suspended from their course, or even expelled. 

Sometimes, there can be mitigating circumstances which can reduce the consequence awarded for each infraction. It is best to contact Your Union's advice workers immediately, if you have received an invitation to a plagiarism planel.

Disciplinary Hearing

A disciplinary hearing is normally called when the Student has breached the University's code of discipline for students. Disciplinary Hearings are also convened when a student has been alleged to have performed a major act of plagiarism. 

All students agree to the code of discipline when they enrol at the University. 

The outcome of a disciplinary hearing can depend of the severity of the accusation against the student. This can mean that a student could face a reprimand, right up to being suspended or expelled from the University. 

Disciplinary Hearings are serious as they can have significant consequence for the student. If you receive a letter inviting you to a disciplinary hearing, you should contact Your Union's advice workers immediately. 

Getting Help

Being asked to attend a Plagiarism or Disciplinary Panel can be extremely stressful for a student. We can arrange to accompany you to the meeting and ensure that you make the best possible defence. In order to get accompanied you need to speak to an Advice Worker

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