Accommodation Advice - Halls of Residences

Halls of residences

Staying in UWS Halls of Residence has it's perks of being in a University & student environment, only a whistle away from your peers, but there's plenty of things to consider when living in halls.

Know your rights & responsibilities

Whether you live in halls of residence, digs or a university owned student flat, you'll need to know your rights as a tenant and what rules your required to abide when you sign the tenancy agreement.

As a rule you should always keep a copy of your tenancy agreement / contract for accommodation. This will outline specifically the policy for ending the tenancy early, having overnight guests, general behaviour in halls, repairs & damages, and much much more. Shelter Scotland have produced a handy list of your rights in University accommodation, which is really useful to know for all students.

Respect your flatmates

Your flatmates will be the people you spend a great deal of your University time with and you'll likely share a lot of the same household space and appliances. So, we suggest you get to know them, find out how each other like to live and any cultural similarities and differences you have, that may come up throughout your time living together. Chances are, if you make an effort and repsect each others wishes, you'll be just fine, even better, you might make some lifelong friends!

Respect the locals

Both the University and the students are a massive part of the local community. Whilst sometimes your lifestyles and interests may be different to the town locals, it's important that you both get along and respect each other's homes and communities. If you live close to local residents, introduce yourself - knock on their door / slip a 'hello' card under their door - let them know who you are and give them a heads up if you're having any parties or think you might be making any noise. Introducing yourself will help if some more difficult situations do arise, and can allow you to agree on 'noise curfews' etc.

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