Emergency Hardship

The Students' Association has access to an emergency hardship fund which we use to support students who find themselves in need of acute financial assistance. 

Who can access the fund?

All students who study at UWS can be eligible to get a hardship payment from us. However we tend to prioritise students who are:

  • Nursing students
  • International Students - EU and Non-EU
  • Student parents & students with carer responsibilites

However, if required we will help any student who is enrolled at UWS. 

How much can you award?

The Hardship fund is small, therefore the fund is limited to assisting with short-term financial problems. If you are expericing more long term financial problems, you should seek assistance from Student Services. Individual awards will vary with circumstance, but we will not generally issue a hardship payment for more than £200.

To find out how we allocate funding, please click here to see the SAUWS Hardship Policy.

What do I need to do to request Hardship?

Hardships are issued by our casework team. You should contact them to arrange an appointment

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