Students' Union Buddies

We all want to enjoy and get as much as we can from our time at university but there will be challenges which sometimes make things difficult, or just a bit confusing.

Sometimes we don't know where to access the help we need, or just need a friendly face to talk to. This is why we have our Students' Union Buddies!


Who are our Student Buddies?

They are a team of student volunteers who offer their time to support other students. They can support you by...

  • Being available to talk to and ask how you're getting on
  • Finding and contacting the correct universtiy or Students' Union support services for whatever difficulties you are having (there are loads of great people ready to help but it isn't always easy knowing where to go)
  • Helping you get to know other students and get involved in student events and activities
  •  Checking up to see how you are getting on and if there's anything else you're still not sure about or need help with


How to contact a Student Buddy

(We are in the process of training our Student Buddies now but they will be ready and available to help in a few weeks time. Until then, if you have any questions please email

All you will need to do is fill out the form at the bottom of this page to contact your Student Buddy!

  • This will give us a quick overview of the support you are looking for and will help us make sure the right Buddy is available for you
  • You will then receive an email from your Student Buddy to ask how they can help
  • They will offer to set up a Zoom meeting for you to have a chat (but this is optional)
  • Your Student Buddy will send you a follow up email to see if you want to catch up again or still have anything you need help with
  • We will also let you know about group events and activities that you might be interested in taking part in



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