Candidate for the position of Business and Creative Industries School Officers

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Oghenekevwe Oghiagbepha

My mama always told me; everybody wants some thing better even if they have the best, the want that best to be improved, and that’s what I am “the better to your best”...

The first day I heard about UWS I trusted and knew that could get the best of education here,
Many find it real hard to trust at first knowledge or first contact,  but it’s fine
I understand
My name is kevwe Oghiagbepha and I want to know and in knowing you serve you because only then is trust built. I will be running for the position of Student Officer . Having filled an office in the student union Government in the university of Benin Nigeria  where I did my first degree I have already had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people and create unforgettable memories. Throughout my time involved with the Students’ Union I have seen many positive changes and I want to develop these further to try and provide the greatest student experience ever.

My First aim is to bridge the gap between the course level rep and sabbatical officers, I also promise to gather every information from reps and sit in every meeting that concerns you.

I also aim to increase communication between the Students’ Union and the student body to try and provide everyone with regular updates on what the Student’s Union is doing to improve the experience of all students.

I solicit your support and count on you to work with so we can attain greater heights together 

long live the Student Union body 

long live UWS

long live Soctland

And God save the Queen 

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