Candidate for the position of Vice President of Welfare and Wellbeing

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Kapil Tomar

#healthier mind, body and soul #healthier lifestyle.


I have some goals in my mind which i will focus upon.

1. Mental health and fitness

I will help you guys achieving your mental peace, this can be achieved by

- focusing on things that are in your control and not get distracted by anything which is beyong reach.

-mind what you eat and make sure you indulge in food that is helpful to your body mind and soul.consume food that elevates your mind and less indulging in junk.

-make sure you do one form of exercise everyday.



2. Physical sports activities.

 looking at this time of pandemic, physical fitness should be of utmost importance . Physical fitness is achieved by eating good and doing exercise regularly, which will also improve the immunity and help fight any kind of disease and making the students healthy. 

- I will try and innagurate more and more sports events 

- I will try and improve the budget for the sports events so that more and more people are encouraged towards the sports activities.

- Bring more type of sports in the university, encourage the students to come up with their favourite sports and back them in making a team of their own. More sports team would make more and more students to participate in them.


3. Try and make the students financially independent.

- I will help the needy students look for jobs in the locality. I will make a page that will be dedicated towards job hunting.






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