Aims of our Student Rep System

The ten core aims of our student representation system are:

1.            To provide a forum for students to contribute to their education

2.            To make students feel a sense of ownership over their education

3.            To ensure that student views are considered in all decisions made within the institution.

4.            To collect student views on a regular basis to ensure students are satisfied with their education

5.            To give students an opportunity to critically comment on their learning and teaching experience

6.            To promote the idea of an institutional culture of partnership among the various stakeholders (i.e. the Institution, academic staff, students, student reps and the Students’  Association)

7.            To allow interaction and to enhance constructive debate between the various stakeholders

8.            To provide a consistent and well-informed opinion about the quality of learning and teaching and the student experience in general

9.            To act as a channel of communication from staff to students and back again

10.          To act as an informal complaints system


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