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Student Council sets Student Union polices – these policies determine the work of the union such as mandating Sabbatical Officers to campaign on a particular issue, or setting new rules for the Students’ Union. Any UWS student can submit a policy idea and invite comments or suggest edits and then student reps have full voting rights and will debate this at student council. This year Student Council will be held virtually on Zoom.

Student Council is chaired by the Union Chair, who has been elected to hold the Sabbatical Officers to account. The Union Chair for academic year 2020/2021 is David Laffan.

If you are interested in submitting a policy you can do so below.. Policies are debated at student council in order of popularity to make sure the issues of most interest to students are always heard - so if you suggest an idea encourage your fellow students to come online and vote for them!

If you would like to see how our Sabbatical Officers are making progress on previously passed policies you can click here!

ANY student can submit policy using the form below - your ideas don't need to be complicated! 

Once policies are submitted they will be put online here, and any student may comment or ask for clarification.

If you submit a policy suggestion you will be invited to student council to present it - but you don't have to. In your absence the Union Chair will read your submission - and then your elected student reps will vote on the policy.

So give us your ideas, and help us work for you!

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The List below are the policies which are set to be discussed by the Student Council. 

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    Fossil Free Forever! - POLICY LAPSE

      Voice Notes: 1. That On the 1st April 2015 the University of the West of Scotland had an endowment of £1,016,213 including investments in fossil fuel companies including BG Group, BHP Biliton, BP, Rio Tinto, Royal Dutch Shell, SSE, Wood Group, totalling £160,123. 2. On the 9th September 2015, the University of the West of Scotland had a total endowment of £0. 3. That BG Group, BHP Biliton, BP, Rio Tinto, Royal Dutch Shell, SSE, Wood Group are among the world’s 200 largest fossil fuel companies, by proven carbon reserves, and that these reserves are well in excess of the amount of carbon that can be safely burned to have a chance of staying below 2C of global warming. 4. CarbonTracker's Unburnable Carbon 20131 report which highlights the overvaluation of fossil fuel reserves and the huge financial risks of investing in fossil fuels. 5. That People & Planet, in partnership with and others, has launched a Fossil Free UK campaign, calling on UK higher education institutions to divest from fossil fuels and sever their links with these companies.2 6. That 7 higher education institutions in the United Kingdom have already committed to divesting from fossil fuels for both moral and financial reasons.3 Voice Resolves: 1. To mandate the SAUWS President to request quarterly updates of the Universities investment portfolio. 2. To mandate the SAUWS President to lobby for and secure student representation on all university investment committees. 3. For the SAUWS President to lobby the university to end all future investments in fossil fuel companies. 4. To mandate the SAUWS President to lobby the Careers Service to ensure no fossil fuel companies are allowed to recruit potential graduates onto campus, and to lobby for the provision by the Careers Service of ethical careers advice. 5. To mandate the SAUWS President to actively work with the UWS People & Planet Society and support their efforts in getting a commitment from the University of the West of Scotland to have it down in policy not to invest in the Fossil Fuel industry in the Future.

      Why you think it is important

      Voice Believes: 1. That the University of the West of Scotland is going through a temporary period of zero investment. 2. That we are running out of time to keep global warming below 2C above pre- industrial levels- the limit for ensuring a safe and stable future for the economy, the planet and all people on it, as recently outlined in the IPCC's 5th Assessment Report.4 3. That the fossil fuel industry, by extracting, processing, promoting and facilitating the use of, selling and profiting from fossil fuels, as well as by having a major influence on government policy, is complicit in causing climate change and its catastrophic impacts. 4. That we must do everything in our power to rapidly reduce the global use of fossil fuels and expand clean energy alternatives 5. That our university should be a role model in society, acting responsibly and helping create a safe future that is better for everyone. 6. That the University of the West of Scotland’s commitment to tackling climate 1'Carbon bubble will plunge world into another financial crisis - report', 19 April 2013, 2 3 4 change should extend to its investment portfolio, as well as its own operations and research priorities.

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      This is an old policy due to lapse. It can be renewed or allowed to lapse.
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