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Student Council sets Student Union polices – these policies determine the work of the union such as mandating Sabbatical Officers to campaign on a particular issue, or setting new rules for the Students’ Union. Any UWS student can submit a policy idea and invite comments or suggest edits and then student reps have full voting rights and will debate this at student council. This year Student Council will be held virtually on Zoom.

Student Council is chaired by the Union Chair, who has been elected to hold the Sabbatical Officers to account. The Union Chair for academic year 2020/2021 is David Laffan.

If you are interested in submitting a policy you can do so below.. Policies are debated at student council in order of popularity to make sure the issues of most interest to students are always heard - so if you suggest an idea encourage your fellow students to come online and vote for them!

If you would like to see how our Sabbatical Officers are making progress on previously passed policies you can click here!

ANY student can submit policy using the form below - your ideas don't need to be complicated! 

Once policies are submitted they will be put online here, and any student may comment or ask for clarification.

If you submit a policy suggestion you will be invited to student council to present it - but you don't have to. In your absence the Union Chair will read your submission - and then your elected student reps will vote on the policy.

So give us your ideas, and help us work for you!

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The List below are the policies which are set to be discussed by the Student Council. 

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    An Accountable SAUWS - POLICY LAPSE

      Voice Notes: 1. That no SAUWS Executive Committee minutes or reports have been released for the entirety of the 2016/17 Academic year 2. That only one set of minutes from the Board of Trustees have been released, and not since September 2016 – in previous years there have been up to ten minutes released. 3. That no External Trustee currently sitting on the board has been ratified by Student Voice – a constitutional requirement 4. That there is no guide to the Constitution of SAUWS currently available. 5. That, when policies are passed by Student Voice, no further update is given on SAUWS’ implementation of these policies. 6. That, aside from areas contained in Accountability Reports released by the Union Chair, there is no publicly accessible document on Sabbatical election manifestos and promises. 7. That the voting turnout for the SAUWS Elections 2017 was 6.71% - 1035 students out of 16446 8. That the President of SAUWS is both the Chair of Executive Committee and Chair of the Board of Trustees# Voice Resolves: 1. That the President of SAUWS is mandated to ensure that Executive Committee minutes and reports are released no longer than one month after any Executive Committee meeting is held, and that this continue every year without fail. 2. That the President of SAUWS, in their role as Chair of the Board of Trustees, is mandated to ensure that Board of Trustees minutes are released no longer than one month after any Board of Trustees meeting is held, and that this continue every year without fail. 3. That the Executive Committee of SAUWS produce a guide to the Constitution. 4. That the President of SAUWS is mandated to work with the Union Chair, to ensure that information regarding the implementation of policies passed by Student Voice is publicly accessible, and regularly updated. 5. That all Sabbatical Officers are mandated to ensure that their election manifestos are online and easily accessible to students by the beginning of each Academic Year.

      Why you think it is important

      Voice Believes: 1. That SAUWS Executive Officers should be accountable and transparent to all students. 2. That the Board of Trustees, which is responsible for financial decisions regarding important student matters, should also be transparent in its meetings and composition. 3. That the Constitution should be followed by SAUWS, and Student Voice’s right to ratify appointments to the Board of Trustees must be respected. To not do so is not only unconstitutional, but also against the democratic principles that SAUWS stands for. 4. That the Constitution, as the principal document of SAUWS, should be accessible and understood by all students. 5. That when Student Voice passes policy, students have a right to know what happens with it afterwards. 6. That students should be able to see Sabbatical election manifestos throughout the year, to ensure they are sticking by their promises. 7. That, with such an incredibly low turnout of students, it is more important than ever that SAUWS make itself as accessible as possible for students looking to hold it to account.

      Is there anything else you think we should know?

      This is an old policy due to lapse. It can be renewed or allowed to lapse.
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