Civil Engineering Society

The Civil Engineering Societyā€¯ prioritises the development for greater opportunities for students

About us

The Civil Engineering Society” prioritises the development for greater opportunities for students. These include; site visits, jobs, placements, mock interviews and advice in general supplied by the industry. Another reason for the society is to increase the social aspects of the course. The society is hoping to develop;

  • Sports events
  • Competitions
  • Nights out (roughly once a month) discounts will apply. Nights out will be arranged where popular things amongst students will be seen through. For example; clubs and pub crawls.
  • Graduation event 

Current Committee Members

  • President - Kenny Winters
  • Vice President - Zeyad Rashad
  • Social Secretary - Jason Park
  •  Secretary - Jelli Marie Ramos
  • Publicity Officer - Mariana Fonseca

The Students' Union
Storie Street, Paisley, PA1 2HB
0141 849 4151

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