Chess Club

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Hi there! 

The Chess Club was created in February 2021 which unfortuantely is still considered as lockdown period.

Once everything is up and running again, we can buy equipment to play chess in the student Union between the Chess Club members! And more students can join us if they are interested ! 

We could also make the chess practise a habit if any of you is interested in attending a tournamnet later on

Do not hesitate to join us no matter your level. 

For the time being we can practise using the application.

If you want email me at the email  option shown ,  with your username and we can arrange games online this way!


Hope to see you online for some games for now  and any ideas to add to  the club are welcome !



The Students' Union
Storie Street, Paisley, PA1 2HB
0141 849 4151

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