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We're the UWS Society for Dramatic Arts - we're the society for all things theatre! Our goal is to make both watching and creating theatre inclusive and accessible.

About us

Hi! We're the UWS Society for Dramatic Arts - we're the society for all things theatre! Our goal is to make both watching and creating theatre inclusive and accessible.


Meet the Committee

Ellie Gomersall - President


PRONOUNS: she/her

FAVOURITE SHOW: In the Heights

DREAM ROLE: Angelica Schuyler from "Hamilton"





David Richard Laffan - VP Trips & Fundraising


PROUNOUS: he/him

FAVOURITE SHOW: Comedies at the Edinburgh Fringe

DREAM ROLE: the Narrator from "Blood Brothers"





Alec Uhlenbrock - VP Events & Performances

PRONOUNS: they/he


DREAM ROLE: Frank'n'Furter from "The Rocky Horror Show"





The Society

The UWS Society for Dramatic Arts exists to provide opportunities for students who wouldn't usually have the opportunity to perform to be able to do just that. The society's core values revolve around the idea that theatre should be for everyone - it should be accessible to all regardless of financial situation, talent or ability.

As such, we have an incredibly diverse membership, including many who have never seen a play before, let alone performed in one, to many who have taken lead roles in musicals in the past. This means that all of our members are able to learn from one another, and really encourages essential teamwork skills!

The society has two main goals - to allow our members the opportunity to perform, and to allow our members the opportunity to see great theatre. For November 2019 we worked incredibly hard to put on an Open Mic Night at the Paisley campus, and have created a series of acts as a group that celebrate our diversity and our passions. We also regularly run trips to see shows in Glasgow - in the past we've seen shows such as My Fair Lady, Cats, and Six - at the latter we even met the entire cast afterwards!

We occasionally do fundraising events so that we can help subsidise the cost of tickets for members - going to the theatre can be so expensive so it's so important to support those who are less able to afford to see it.

Our meetings also have a space in which our members can share videos on YouTube which showcase something they're passionate about with regards to the dramatic arts - in the past these have included things like songs from musicals, ballet performances, stand-up comedy and spoken word!

The huge range of interests in the society may initially seem like a barrier to creating cohesive meetings and performances, but in actuality this is a huge asset. Every meeting each member leaves having learnt something new, almost always from another member sharing their passion.

Students who would never have dreamed of stepping on to a stage in front of so many people are now invigorated by the idea - our members aren't just finding new skills, but are also finding the confidence to be their incredible selves and to be unapologetic to the world for being so!

The UWS Dramatic Arts Society is completely free and is open to absolutely everyone who is a student at UWS. Come and join us - you won't regret it!


The Students' Union
Storie Street, Paisley, PA1 2HB
0141 849 4151

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