UWS Greens

We're the UWS Greens, the official branch of the Scottish Young Greens at UWS.

About us

Hi! We're the UWS Greens, the official branch of the Scottish Young Greens at UWS.

We fight both on and off campus for:

  • climate action and climate justice,
  • Scottish Independence,
  • sustainability and
  • equal rights for all.

While we are a political society at heart, we welcome anyone who is passionate about any of the above issues to join us, even if you're not a member of the Scottish Greens.

We meet regularly on Zoom. To find out more, check us out on social media @UWSGreens.

Meet the Committee

Dan Hutchison

PRONOUNS: he/him

ROLE: Co-convener & Treasurer

CAMPUS: Paisley

POLITICAL HERO: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She embodies everything I want to see reflected in politics, a worker who is embedded in her community and fights day in, day out for her community. She's the opposite of the pale, male and stale that we have come to expect in our political chambers and knows how to use modern technology to adequately communicate her values and vision for the people.

WHY I FOUNDED THE UWS GREENS: I kickstarted the UWS Greens because there was a void of political engagement at UWS, and as a university with such a high level of student deprivation and with such a rich history of political activism, I was desperate to join with comrades to build a society that encouraged change on campus to actually benefit our student body.


Ellie Gomersall

PRONOUNS: she/her

ROLE: Co-convener & Media Coordinator

CAMPUSES: Paisley & Ayr

POLITICAL HERO: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. To see a young, working-class woman fighting the odds to become the youngest woman to ever serve in the US congress is just so inspirational. It's incredible to see her fighting for green, socialist policies in such a hostile enviroment.

WHY I JOINED THE UWS GREENS: I'm proud that the Scottish Greens stand up for what's right, fighting social and climate injustices. I hope that at the UWS Greens we can fight for these same values on-campus and see some real change being made.



Jake Stevenson

PROUNOUS: he/him

ROLE: Campus Rep

CAMPUS: Paisley

POLITICAL HERO: Rosa Luxemburg. Her lifelong goal of seeking to better the lives of ordinary working class people in Europe was inspiring as well as her fight against systematic oppression of worker's rights in Germany.

WHY I JOINED THE UWS GREENS: I joined the UWS Greens shortly after joining the Scottish Greens because I thought a Green voice in the Paisley campus would help to boost our society's name and look to better the student experiences at all UWS campuses.


Dave Charleston

PRONOUNS: he/him

ROLE: Campus Rep

CAMPUS: Lanarkshire

POLITICAL HERO: Hannah Bardell. She helped my family get a house sorted when we were made homeless due to a private landlord not paying their mortgage. She's also a massive advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and does lots of good in her constituency.

WHY I JOINED THE UWS GREENS: I'm already a member of the party and I wanted to increase the visibility of the UWS Greens at the Lanarkshire campus.


David Richard Laffan

PRONOUNS: he/him

ROLE: Campaigns Officer

CAMPUS: Paisley

Latest News

Catering staff at UWS have been sacked by email

Thu 01 Oct 2020

The same student workers who were refused furlough back in March have now been let go by the university, and were only informed of this by email.

Bus Service to Lanarkshire campus cut by Stagecoach

Wed 09 Sep 2020

Photo of a single decker Stagecoach X16 bus to Kilmarnock via Ayr

One of just two ways of reaching UWS Lanarkshire campus by public transport has just been axed by Stagecoach - this is a slap in the face to locals and students alike.


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