Subuola Temitope Elufioye's portrait

Vice President of Education

Subuola Elufioye


Pronouns: she/her




Introducing Subuola

Hello Everyone,

I am Subuola Elufioye an International Student from Nigeria in the MBA class at the Lanarkshire campus.

I am a real estate/construction professional with a bachelor’s in estate management and a master’s in international project management. Over the past few years, as a project manager, I have led multiple projects in Nigeria where I developed strategies that resulted in timely completion of projects while ensuring the wellbeing of staff associated with the projects.

I am a jovial, people-oriented, and friendly person who generally offers support to help people achieve their life goal or, more appropriately, I am here to help you to achieve your educational goals. 


Priorities for my time in Office

My major priority as your Vice President (Education) is about enhancing our learning experience at UWS. To achieve this, I will ensure that the university is committed to putting the learning and education of students at the forefront of its' decisions.

Secondly, I will work with all reps (school, divisional and course) and use their feedback and complaints to ensure that the university is aware of the problems being faced by students and is actively working to solve them.

Finally, as we will be returning to school post covid and adopting a more blended, hybrid style of learning, I want students to understand that I am the representative on all things Education at UWS, and I am available to help as and when necessary. I will help with issues such as: assessments and feedback, timetable, learning resources, academic support, teaching processes and everything education related.

So, let’s work together to make sure that our voices are heard in the right way.

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