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Elections 2021 FAQ's

Why should I stand as a student representative?
Any of these positions are an excellent opportunity to:

  • Make a Difference – improve UWS for your fellow students by making sure that students are heard!

  • Develop Skills – you’ll get an opportunity to attend meetings, work in partnership with university staff, and develop your skills for the workplace.

  • Get training and support – Whatever role you stand for your Students’ Union will support you to campaign, and if you’re elected your Students’ Union is here to support you in your role.


Why should I care about the Elections?

  • We believe that students should be at the heart of everything that happens at UWS – Elections make sure that the student representatives truly represent the views of students, and that the student voice is heard at every level of the university.


How do I nominate myself?

  • When elections are open you can simply log in to this election page and choose which positions to nominate yourself for. Make sure you upload a manifesto to let students know what you stand for and why they should vote for you!


Can I hold a Sabbatical Officer role and study at the same time?

  • No, if you are elected to a Sabbatical role, you are paid a full-time salary and your studies are postponed for the time you are an Officer.
  • Those who are elected to a Volunteer role do continue their studies.


Can I hold more than one role at the same time?

  • You may hold conference delegation roles alongside any other role. 
  • You may not hold a Sabbatical Role alongside any volunteer roles other than conference delegate.
  • You may not hold the Union Chair role alongside any other role other than conference delegate. 
  • You may hold two volunteer roles at the same time. 


I'm graduating this year, can I stand for election?

  • Yes, but only for Sabbatical Officer positions, and conference delegate positions. All other positions require you to be a student at UWS while undertaking the role. 


Can Post-Graduate students stand for Sabbatical or Volunteer roles?

  • Yes


Can International Students with a Study Visa run for Sabbatical Role?

  • Yes, there are provisions for this within the Visa system, the requirements are generally the same as if you were studying.  We will discuss this further with candidates upon election.
  • You can find out more about holding Sabbatical Office as an International student by following this link:  UKCISA


I am a London Campus student, can I run for a Sabbatical Role?

  • Yes, however it is a requirement that if elected, you would be expected to relocate to Scotland to undertake the role as effectively as possible.  Full support is provided to those requiring to relocate.  This will be further discussed with candidates upon election
  • Volunteer roles can be undertaken from any campus.


How will online campaigning work?

We will use a number of methods to support candidate’s online presence:

  • Website – you can upload manifesto material including graphics/images, videos, and social media links.
  • We are providing several support sessions for Sabbatical candidates including consultation time with a Graphic Designer and Video Editing by an expert. 
  • For Volunteer candidates we’ll run practical sessions on using graphics and video editing software free for use.
  • During Voting week, as with last year, we’ll showcase each Sabbatical candidate position equally across voting week. 
  • Volunteer positions will also be showcased.
  • Throughout Voting week we will also send all student emails with a link to the voting page enabling all students will be able to see all candidates.


Will there be a Hustings / Candidate debate?

  • Not currently, we’ll be promoting candidate videos


Still have questions? Contact, your student representation coordinator, for more information!

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