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NUS Conferences 23-24

The NUS Scotland and NUS National Conference election have now concluded.


The Delegation attending NUS Scotland Conference are:

  • Emily Chittick
  • Ramatu Issah
  • Rahema Khan
  • Phani babu Kota
  • Suresh Nagarkoti
  • Timiebi Aghogho Oyinpere


The Delecation attending NUS National Conference are:

  • Abidemi Adegbola
  • Fitnat Boamah
  • Mawuena Deladem Bosson
  • Muhammad Gouhar
  • Rui Jin
  • Timiebi Aghogho Oyinpere
  • Rahul Sharma


Delegations to both Conferences will be joined by the UWS Student Union President, Uchechi Agbaraji.   


You can view the voting count sheet here - NUS Scotland and NUS Natioal Conference Delegation Count sheet

If you have any questions regarding the Count sheet, please email


What is NUS and NUS Scotland?
The National Union of Students (NUS) is a voluntary membership organisation which makes a real difference to the lives of students and its member students' unions – they represent 600 students' unions (including UWS Student Union), this amounts to more than 95% of all Colleges and Universities in the UK and more than 7 million student voices.

NUS Scotland is the Scottish arm of NUS and work to make the lives of those studying in Scotland better.


What is NUS Scotland Conference?
NUS Scotland Conference is very similar to National Conference, however is for Scottish based Colleges and Universities only, policy passed here will be directly influence the work of NUS Scotland officers. 

NUS Scotland Conference will take place on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th March 2024 at Stirling Court Hotel, University of Stirling (all travel and expenses are paid)


What is NUS National Conference?
National Conference is an annual event where representatives from Colleges and Universities across the UK debate and pass policy to decide the political direction of NUS.  Conference also elects the NUS President and Vice-Presidents for the year ahead.  

NUS National Conference will take place on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th April 2024 at Winter Gardens, Blackpool (all travel and expenses are paid)


What is NUS Liberation Conference?
Liberation Conference provides students from underrepresented groups (also known as liberation groups) the opportunity to set the direction for the NUS’ Liberation campaigns and to elect their Officers and Committee.
Positions available for NUS Liberation conference include:

  • Women students (one place)
  • Black students* (one place)
  • Black women students* (one place)
  • Trans students (one place)
  • LGBTQ+ students (one place)
  • Disabled students (one place)

*The term ‘Black’ is used by the NUS to refer to African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean people and those who self-define as Black.

To be elected to Liberation conference, you must self identify into the group your are representing and you will be asked to provide this information when nominating.

NUS Liberation Conference will take place on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th April 2024 at Winter Gardens, Blackpool (all travel and expenses are paid)

Voting for Liberation Conference delegates will take place at a later date, check back on this page later for further information.


To find out more about what happens at Conference, you can visit the NUS Conference pages here - Conferences - NUS UK


If you have any questions regarding NUS conferences please email

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