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PGR Elections September 2023

This is an opportunity for PGR students to really be a part of UWS - nominate yourselves now!

Hello! Nominations closed for PGR Elections, with fewer candidates than positions so the following students were automatically elected:

Andrew Carrell - PGR Senate Representative
Ugoada Okoli – Doctoral College Board Representative
Amina Manal Zidi – Research and Enterprise Advisory Committee Representative

However there are still vacancies on the Doctoral College Board and Research and Enterprise Advisory Committee so please read on to find out more! 

What PGR roles are available at UWS?
How do I nominate myself?
Where can I get more information?

What PGR roles are available at UWS?

There are three different roles and four spaces designed to get your PGR voice heard at the highest levels of the university. 

The PGR Senate Representative will be the PGR voice on the Senate. The Senate is responsible for overall planning, co-ordination, development and supervision of the academic work of the whole University and the elected Full Time Sabbatical officers sit on Senate too. This is an excellent opportunity to sit on one of the highest university committees with senior management; to see how the university works, and to make sure that PGR students are represented at all levels at UWS. Induction for the Senate Rep will be held the week beginning 25th September. 

There are two places for Doctoral Students on the Doctoral College Board. The Doctoral College is responsible for addressing issues related to the doctoral student experience including registration, research studies, progression, and assessment of doctoral students. They also review and monitor the conditions of doctoral candidates. 

There are two places for doctoral students on the Research and Enterprise Advisory Committee. This committee is responsible for the development of research and enterprise at UWS, and makes recommendations to Senate - one of the highest committees in the University.

On all of these groups, the PGR Representative is there to provide a research student perspective on the issues being debated by the university. You will read committee papers, discuss and debate changes that are proposed at UWS, and of course talk to your peers to keep them informed and find out what they think. 

The winning candidates will hold these posts from October 2023 until September 2024. 

Why Should I Stand?

  • Learn how a university operates - whether or not you want to go on to a career in academia, being a part of these groups gives you a real insight into how a university really works. You'll be a part of the decision making processes and get to work together with senior staff members from across UWS.
  • Develop skills for work - it's a rare job which doesn't include some committee work where people come together, discuss the big issues impacting their team or the organisation, and work together to improve the experience for everyone. Of course it doesn't hurt that it will look good on your CV too!
  • Expand your network - These committees give you a chance to meet colleagues from across the university who you might not come into contact with regularly or at all. Being a part of the team will allow you to make connections and really become a part of UWS life. 
  • Improve the research student experience - The only people who fully understand what it's like to be a research student at UWS are research students at UWS! Sitting on these groups ensure that nothing is created for you without you! 
  • Travel to Paisley is covered - Meetings are held in Paisley, in person. However, if you study at a different UWS campus don't worry! The Doctoral College will ensure your expenses are paid to allow you to attend the meetings. 

How Do I Nominate Myself?

Nominations have now closed but if you're interested in filling a vacant position please e-mail Respresentation and Comms team lead at the Union - 

Where Can I Get More Information?

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact 

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