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School Officer Election

Voting for School Officer is open!

Business and Creative Industries

Computing, Engineering and Physical Science 

Education and Social Science

Health and Life Science


The voting paper is at the end of Candidate Manifesto's 


Business and Creative Industries - School Officer Candidates:

Candidates are placed in alphabetical order by last name


Gloria Addo-Yeboah - I am an enthusiastic and result oriented young lady with the necessary drive and determination who wishes to be part of a dynamic working environment, for rapid career growth through well planned and consistent effort and I believe becoming a school officer will help me achieve this.Hence my study of Human Resource Management.


Oluwatosin Omolola Ajayi - I will like to become a school officer because it provides me the opportunities to develop my leadership skills, positively influence school culture, foster community engagement, and contribute to the overall improvement of the educational environment. It is also  a chance for me to advocate for my fellow student interests.


Isaac Sackey Amanor - I wish to be voted as the School Officer for the Creative Arts because I possess the leadership qualities that will articulate the views of students and the faculty for the well-being of all.

I will serve all students within the department and negotiate with appropriate authorities for our needs.


Iain Christie - Hi there. I'd like to be considered for the position as a School Officer for a number of reasons.

Firstly, my goal is to continue to work in academia so I would love the chance to work with the university from the ground up in my goal. I've already spoken with faculty about what that process might look like to become a professor.

Secondly, I have a personal history in working as a representative voice. I've got 5+ years working in DEI initiatives, as well as hosting talks on lavender linguistics. Communication is my strongest skill.

Lastly, I've got a proven track record of speaking up, regardless of the potential reaction. I do not believe in softening tone if it means compromising the intent of the message. I always chose clarity first in speaking.


Heather Gould - My journey at UWS has been challenging however, very awarding and I would love to be a part of the decision making in order to benefit the students. I love being a part of the UWS family and I have met many friends throughout university by taking part in the UWS hockey team. My friends that I have made at UWS have supported me through thick and thin as well as keeping me on track in terms of my studies. Every student at UWS has a story which is different therefore, I would like to be a school officer in order to showcase that students at UWS have many external factors apart from being a student as I fully believe this is what shapes an individuals personality and makes them unique. I would also like to be the voice of the students and would enjoy representing students at UWS.


Muhammad Gouhar Habib - In my starting week's, I have observed to many things which should be improved and I am currently, trying to improve those things. Now, I want to show those things and work on those things at a bigger level. That's why I want to nominate myself.


Madeleine Heathwood - I would like the chance to be a School Officer for a chance to really excel my university experience and contribute in decision making processes and meet new people across campus. With this being my second year as a student rep I think this role would be suited to nature of wanting to help out my fellow students and really keep on top of everyone's queries or concerns that they may have and make sure they're voiced. I enjoy working with others and I'm always trying to develop my skills further to assure I really get the most out of my time in UWS and gain experiences for my future working career.


Arshdeep Kaur - I have been appointed as a student representative for BAIB in 2023 throughout which , i worked on getting feedback from the students and make changes accordingly by discussing with the administration team. Furthermore, I’ll be glad to work as a student officer to work more efficiently and make much more improvements in making UWS the best.


Shahana Parveen Thoulath Khan - Hi, I am Shahana , I would like to be a school officer in business and creative industry. I have been having a keen knowledge on how to become an entrepreneur and relating how to start a business with a detailed steps. Creative industries have been emerging in these days whether it comes to dance , music art since I am an experienced in that field I would like to take this opportunity to help people out. Thank you for the opportunity to speak out.


Sean Roberts - Having been BCI school officer previously I'd like to think I know what it takes to be successful in this position with an emphasis on equality, diversity and inclusion I believe that the over message of inclusivity can be shouted from the rooftops yet again at UWS   


Uday madhav Samineni - I am eager to be a School Officer because I am committed to fostering a positive and inclusive school environment. With a passion for leadership and a genuine desire to represent the student body, I aim to amplify student voices, address concerns, and implement initiatives that enhance our collective academic and social experience. I believe in collaboration, open communication, and creating a sense of unity among students. As a School Officer, I aspire to contribute to a vibrant and supportive school community where every student feels heard, valued, and empowered to shape their educational journey. Together, let's make our school a place where everyone can thrive and make lasting memories.



- Elevate UWS Bachelor's and Master's students life by actively engaging in the decision-making process as a School Officer.

- Strengthen the importance of UWS London amid other schools such as UWS Paisley, Ayr, Dumfries and Lancashire.

 - Referral Admission Bonus Scheme for Present UWS students, with incentives from 500 to 1500 GBP to reduce fees and attract new students.

- At least 10 days Gap between two Assignments submission date.

 - Groups-based class timetable policy, reducing in-person days from 4 to 2 per week to reduce travelling cost, time and to enhance study time.

- UWS schools' attendance marking, and record-checking through UWS App for enhanced convenience.

- Dedicated staff on Campus for students facing resit/other issues.

- Hardship Benefit to International Students.

- Centralize info on UWS App, avoid scattering across diverse platforms.

- Policy for Career fairs, Networking Events, Job & Accommodation Referrals.

Regards, Rahul Sharma


Palak Shrivastav - I have previous experience of working as a student rep and I want to contribute positively to the school community by taking on a position of responsibility. I have always been coming up with questions regarding student situations and my will to help them or bringing them up to the board. I believe my enthusiasm for engaging with and representing the student body, and my interest in fostering a sense of unity and collaboration sets me for this role. I desire to be a voice for my peers in decision-making processes and help them with their throughout journey at university. I'm happy to contribute positively to the school's culture, whether through organizing events, promoting school spirit, or supporting initiatives that enhance the overall student experience.


Sukhveer Singh - I am Sukhveer Singh, currently pursuing an MBA in Leadership at UWS. As a dedicated student representative and guide, I've gained valuable insights into the needs and concerns of my peers. Now, I am eager to take on the role of School Officer to contribute actively to the betterment of our academic community. With a passion for fostering a collaborative and supportive environment, I aim to bridge the communication gap between students and faculty. My experience as a guide has equipped me with the skills to listen, understand, and advocate for the student body. If given the opportunity, I am committed to promoting inclusivity, initiating positive change, and ensuring that the voices of my fellow students and school are heard and addressed effectively.


Aaron Sweeney - One of the reasons, I would like to become a school officer is because I have a passion for education and wellbeing, I have worked hard to represent students, whether this be through my role as accounting student rep in 2022 through to 2023 or through my championship for improving and promoting student’s mental health and wellness as a member of UWS Mental Health Advisory Panel. I am passionate about improving the experience of all students who study within the Business and Creative Industries School, and I would love the opportunity to be the school officer and immediately start working on ways to improve the experience, engagement, and education of all BCI students. I am hopeful I can be the voice needed to make change within the school and work on promoting a better university environment that has student’s priorities at the heart of it.


Giulia De Toma - I Am currently rep of the 4th year of the BA business and marketing programme. While I do love doing my job as a rep I also feel like I could give more to the students and the uni, I would to step forward in this experience, I will work hard to hear all voices and come back with results that are positive for everyone!



Computing, Engineering and Physical Science – School Officer Candidates:

Candidates are placed in alphabetical order by last name


Ross Lamont - i will put myself forward for the position as id like to opportunity to experience this and get more experience of a organisation structure that will come in handy going into the workforce when i finish my degree 


Emmett McKenna - My name is Emmett McKenna, and I am in my final year of the BSc (Hons) Chemistry degree.  In my First Year I became the Student Rep for my class, and I have held that position ever since. This role has given me experience of bringing the views of my classmates to the Student / Staff Liaison Group meetings, as well as meeting with Lecturers and the Programme Leader on 1-2-1 basis to discuss, and resolve, any issues within the class. 

In 2022 I became the Vice-President of the Couper Chemical Sciences Society (CCSS), and in 2023 I became the President. The CCSS is a student led society with the aim of setting up industry-led events to all chemistry and forensic science students.  My role as Vice-President and then President is to oversee finances, memberships, and the organisation of events (e.g. site visits, tours etc).



Education and Social Science – School Officer Candidates:

Candidates are placed in alphabetical order by last name


Ansa Sadaf Ali - I am excited to apply for the position of school officer and am confident that I have the skills and experience necessary to excel in this role. As a student who is passionate about education, I am committed to making a positive impact on the school community. I have a proven track record of leadership, teamwork, and communication, which I believe will be invaluable in this position. I am also dedicated to helping others and have volunteered in various capacities throughout my academic career. If elected, I would work tirelessly to ensure that all students have access to the resources and support they need to succeed. Thank you for considering my application.


Ayesha Saif Alwani - I am Ayesha Saif Alwani, a student representative of Master of Education Studies at the University of the West of Scotland, London Campus. I want to play a bigger role by giving my name for the nomination of School Officer. I assure that I will be the voice of all students for which I will be available anytime to contact whenever they need me and will empathize. I will give priority to Equity and Inclusion. I will work to make the journey of all of us to be a best one by presenting all of our point of views by becoming the School Officer.


Muhammad Maaz Mahmood - To cooperate with staff and teachers for the betterment and welfare of students and wants the knowing the Art of Dealing. Which is ultimately helps me in Public Administration.


Gemma Murrell - I am Gemma, an L8 Psychology Student. During my time in Paisley UWS I have had the opportunity to work alongside and help the Union in various positions.

I have applied myself fully to every opportunity I have been presented with (Student Rep x2 years, Student Chair, SPA Working Group, Big Election Support and Volunteering at Union Events).

I feel as if I have gained enough skills and knowledge surrounding the application as well as the process of implementation to the inner workings to be able to make a difference to the student experience. If I am elected, I will carry our voice with intent.


Christopher Pettus - I would like to be the School Officer as I believe this would be a role in which I could bring my skills, determination and ensure the success of all students and staff. My network is already pretty extensive so that would allow me to bring my own network in to help me with the role and to extend it further. The operational logistics of the University is also very interesting to me and I would like to more of how the university operates and the logistics behind the scenes. I would also like to be part of the decision making process as being a 4th year student rep has shown me that my strengths are in fixing weaknesses within the university.



Health and Life Science – School Officer Candidates:

Candidates are placed in alphabetical order by last name


Hajra Ali - I would like to be a school officer to be more involved and active with Uws and to of course learn  more skills as I am also class representative I would love to expand on my knowledge and do my best


Chinemelum Ezediokpu - I am eager to become a School Officer to further connect with my fellow students and contribute to our vibrant community. Joining university activities in my fourth year allowed me to overcome personal challenges and rediscover the joy of socializing. Now, as a course rep, I want to extend my impact by becoming a School Officer. My journey from overcoming obstacles to actively engaging with university life has fueled my passion for promoting a sense of belonging. I aim to create opportunities for students to connect, make friends, and collectively enhance our university experience. As a School Officer, I aspire to be a catalyst for positive change, ensuring that every student's voice is heard and valued.


Shelleon Clarke Mujabi - My motivation to become School Officer came as a personal goal and correlates well with my role in student support and enhancements.

As a Rep, a key issue was advocating on students’ behalf for fundamental changes to effective timetabling of on-campus classes.  Students’ overall feedback included having full days of learning on-campus ensuring they were productive and cost-effective, this was due to growing concerns about the cost-of-living and travel expenses to university.  The issue was progressed by programme leaders and timetabling team ensuring a pragmatic and sustainable approach was taken to improve student experiences.

I am involved in shaping and promoting choice in learning by advocating to maintain both face-to-face and hybrid approach.  I promoted a reflective approach in class and official UWS meetings articulating fellow student’s views on various issues, this included influencing student experiences at a National Level by sitting alongside the Quality Enhancement & Standard Review Team.



To vote for your School Officer please click here - School Officer Vote Form

Voting is open between Monday 27th November at 12pm to Friday 1st December at 12pm.

(Please note you may be required to log in using your Banner ID outlook account and the authenticator app, if you have any trouble with accessing the form after attempting to log in, please contact the UWS IT Department)


School Officer Role

School Officers bridge the gap between Divisional Reps and the Sabbatical Officers. School Officers gather information from divisional reps, sit on School Boards and the UWS Academic Quality Committee, keeping students informed and working with the Students' Union to improve life for UWS students within their schools. The role is cross campus (with meetings taking place online), and full training and support is provided to those elected.

  • Learn how a university operates - whether or not you want to go on to a career in academia, being a School Officer gives you a real insight into how a university really works. You'll be a part of the decision making processes and get to work together with senior staff in your School.
  • Develop skills for work - it's a rare job which doesn't include some collaborative work where people come together, discuss the big issues impacting their team or the organisation, and work together to improve the experience for everyone. Of course it doesn't hurt that it will look good on your CV too!
  • Expand your network - Being a School Officer can give you a chance to meet colleagues from across the university who you might not come into contact with regularly or at all. Being a part of the team will allow you to make connections and really become a part of UWS life. 


School Officer positions up for election are:

  • Business and Creative Industries (2 position)
  • Computing, Engineering and Phisical Science (1 position, 1 position is already filled)
  • Education and Social Science (2 positions)
  • Health and Life Science (1 position, 1 position is already filled)


Key dates

  • Nominations open tomorrow (Wednesday 15th Nov from 12pm) and will close on Tuesday 21st Nov at 11.59pm
  • Voting will be open from Monday 27th November at 12pm and will close on Friday 1st December at 12pm.  
  • Those elected will be announced as soon as possible from Monday 4th December


Candidate information and voting paper will be available on this page from Monday 27th November

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