Sabbatical Officer Roles

Salary £19,565 p/a


  • Sabbatical Officers are the full time student leadership team of the Students' Union.
  • Sabbs lead the students’ union after being elected by UWS students.
  • They work to deliver their election promises and sit on the University Court and Senate – the highest decision making bodies of the university.
  • They are the people who bring the student voice right to the University management.
  • They are called "sabbatical" officers because they pause their studies for a year or take up the role as they graduate.
  • Elected Sabbatical Officers will be asked to be available from 21st June 2021 as paid Sabbs in training and will be officially in office for a year beginning on 1st July 2021
  • There are four sabbatical positions so there's a role to suit you and whatever you care about most!



Sabbatical Officer Roles



If you are looking to develop and use your leadership skills and like to have an overview of everything that is happening, this could be the perfect position for you!

  • The president leads the Students’ Union, and the team of sabbatical officers.
  • The president, alongside the board of trustees, is responsible for the actions of the students’ union, and will represent all student at UWS through attending meetings such as the University Court and Senate, and working in partnership with students, staff, and the wider student movement.


VP Education

If you are passionate about learning and teaching, and see that the educational experience is central to your university experience, you could be the next VP Education!

  • The VP Education works to improve the learning experience at UWS.
  • They work particularly closely with student reps, focussing on education of course!
  • The VP education works to improve learning resources, curriculum, and teaching methods among other things.


VP Student Development

If you are excited about all of the extra activities university has to offer such as clubs, societies, and volunteering this position could be a great fit for you!

  • The VP Student Development works to improve student lives at UWS outside of the classroom.
  • They work with clubs and societies, and work to develop opportunities for students.
  • This can include volunteering and skills training.


VP Welfare and Wellbeing 

If you know university can be a tough time for students and want to help ensure students are cared for, why not apply to be the next Welfare and Wellbeing?

  • The VP Welfare and Wellbeing works to improve student welfare and wellbeing at UWS.
  • This includes helping to create a better environment for student mental health, and working towards solutions for student poverty.



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