Personal Issues and hate crime

Personal Issues and Hate Crime

Students can face a variety of issues that may not be covered in the other areas of the advice section. We define these issues to be of a personal nature and are often not directly related to your time studying at University. The Student Union can help students with most problems, even if they are unrelated to study

With the recent cyber attacks you may also be concerned about your online safety - you can access a Student online safety guide - Police Scotland here.

Issues at home

Sometimes, students can have problems at home. This can be as simple as a dispute between you and your flatmates, or it can be of a more serious nature, like domestic violence, distress caused by caring responsiblities or the threat of homelessness. 

Regardless of what the issue is, the Your Union at UWS can assist you to change the situation. In the cases were we cannot offer direct assistance, we will support you to get the help you need. All you have to do is contact us, even if its just to chat through the issues. 

Issues with another person

Issues with another person usually involve some sort of bullying or harassement. The Student Union is committed to ensuring that the University is a safe space for all students who attend.

If you are experiencing any issues with another person you should contact our Advice Workers and make an appointment. 

Hate crime reporting. 

The Student Union is an authorised third party hate crime reporter. This means that if you have been targeted by another person or person(s) in a way which is deemed to be a hate crime.

Hate Crime can take the form of physical attack, verbal abuse, offensive / threatening letters or phone calls and can even be an attack on a persons’ perceived race, religion, ability, orientation, or transgender identity. 

We believe that no hate crime is too minor to report.

We can take statements and report the incident to the Police on your behalf or, if you feel you can’t report the crime yourself a family member or friend can report it for you. This system also allows the crime to be reported anonymously or if you make the decision to speak with the Police they can meet you anywhere you feel comfortable, they can also come in plain clothes and, you can also specify for only female or male officers to attend.

If you wish to report a hate crime, please get in touch. All matters are treated confidentially. 

For more information on Hate Crime vist Police Scotland's page here

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