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The constitution of UWS Students' Union.

The constitution is the governing document of the Students Association, it contains our objectives and outlines some of the processes which manage our democracy. If you have any questions you can contact the team at


Articles of Association

This is the core part of the constitution

Bye Law 1

Board of Trustees

Explains the operation of the Board

Bye Law 2

Student Council

Explains the operation of the Student Council

Bye Law 3

Executive Committee

Explains the operation of the Executive Committee

Bye Law 4


Explains the operation of Elections

Bye Law 5

Societies Council

Explains the operation of the Societies Council

Bye Law 6


Explains the operation of Referenda

Bye Law 7

Complaints Procedure

Explains our complaints process

Bye Law 8

Code of Discipline

Outlines the Unions disciplinary procedures

Bye Law 9

Licensing Scotland Act 2007

Makes clear the requirements of the Licensing Scotland act


Code of Practice

Outlines the responsibilities that both the University and the Union have towards each other