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Your UWS Students' Union Services on Dumfries Campus.
A Dumfries campus building

Hello Dumfries students!

Here at Your Students' Union we would love to be able to have staff and student presidents based on every campus at UWS. Unfortunately, we're a really small team so that's not possible for us just now. However, the good news is that we can provide our services online.


Your Students' Union Advice Service is open to all UWS students, offering free, independent, impartial advice to help you when you most need it.

Get advice


Make a change and have your voice heard at UWS by becoming a student rep, sharing your policy ideas, or simply letting us know how your university experience is going.

Get involved

Societies and Volunteering

University is about more than just studying, get involved with societies and volunteering while you are at UWS.

Find opportunities

While you study in Dumfries, you share a campus with Students from the University of Glasgow too and so you can get involved in events and societes through the Crichton University Campus Students' Association too. 

The Crichton University Campus Student Association (CUCSA) provides societies and events for all students who study at the Crichton (Dumfries) campus.

They are the social hub for events, sports and info in Dumfries, for students from The University of Glasgow and The University of the West of Scotland at Crichton.

CUCSA also welcome those from the University of the Highlands and Island, Scottish Rural University College and those studying through the Open University with courses based in Dumfries.

You can find out more about CUCSA through their website or keep up-to-date by liking their Facebook.

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