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Volunteering is a great way to help you make the most of your time at university, have some fun and develop your experience and skills!
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Benefits of volunteering

Meet new people and have fun

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make friends who share the same interests as you

Try new things to help you find out what you enjoy doing most

Make a difference

Help other people, make a difference in your community and take pride in what you do 

Improve your career opportunities

Stand out from the crowd and have good experiences to share in job interviews

Build networks to support for future employment

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What's it like to volunteer for Your Union at UWS?

Meet Rivia, a member of Students' Union Volunteering Team!

What have you enjoyed most about volunteering with the Students' Union so far?

My favourite bits of the volunteering with the union freshers' were learning more about the student union work and services available. Participating in the online meetings was good for meeting people and talking about my own experiences. I've enjoyed working with the union staff. They're friendly and professional.

What have you gained from your volunteering?

I gained experience with running online meetings. I have improved my public speaking skills and I feel more confident participating in other activities at the Uni.

How to find a volunteering opportunity

  1. Have a look through the list below of opportunities currently available
  2. Click on the organisation logos for more information
  3. Once you've decided on the opportunity for you, select "Click here to Volunteer" at the top of their page. This link will take you to the volunteering registration form
  4. Complete and submit the form
  5. The Students' Union will then send an email to the organisation to introduce you and help you get started in your role. You will be copied into this through your UWS student email address
  6. The Students' Union are available to provide any additional support you may need. We will also update you on volunteering award opportunities that you may be eligible for

Find an opportunity

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Complete our form to have your organisation's volunteering roles advertised here.

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More opportunities

For more external volunteering opportunities in and around your area, you can also search these databases: