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Ypeople: Volunteer intandem mentor

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Ypeople are looking for volunteers for our intandem mentoring project which supports care experienced children & young people aged 8-14 living in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire.

Funded through the Scottish Government and delivered through Inspiring Scotland across several charities, the programme aims to match children and young people with volunteer mentors who will help build positive, secure and trusting relationships with their young person.  

“As a mentor I’ve learned so much. I thought being a mentor was about being this cool person to look up to, but it’s so much simpler. It’s not turning up and looking cool – it’s just turning up. Being supportive and consistent is so much more important than fun and flash.”
Michael – Ypeople intandem mentor

We are seeking volunteers aged 18+ who are able to:

  • Provide a positive adult role model to a child or young person by helping them to achieve their goals and widen access to opportunities available to them.
  • Commit to 12 months of volunteering to establish a trusting, positive relationship with their young person.
  • Commit to 2 hours per week mentoring their young person. Mentoring can be flexible to suit you and your mentee!
  • Being open to trying new things and having fun!


Our organisation is continuously updating our Covid-19 policy to adhere to guidelines as set out by the Scottish Government. Ypeople will provide volunteer mentors with appropriate PPE and lateral flow testing kits which should be completed within the 48 hours prior to meeting your mentee. We are committed to ensuring volunteers and mentees continue to meet safely and that the appropriate risk assessments are up to date.



Ypeople is a registered charity within Scotland that works to support positive change in people’s lives. To find out more about who we are and the supports we provide, please visit: YPeople



  • An opportunity to gain valuable experience or expand on existing knowledge of working with children and young people and/or mentoring.
  • An interactive and fun training programme including further child protection training.
  • Ongoing support from our volunteer co-ordinators throughout your mentoring journey.
  • Regular S&S, access to further training opportunities, reflection and goal setting sessions.
  • Opportunity to connect with and meet with our other volunteers through Volunteer Events. We recently completed a step challenge with some of our volunteers and are now looking forward to having a meal together very soon.



Glasgow & North Lanarkshire




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We welcome a range of diverse backgrounds to volunteer with us at Ypeople.

Although no experience is required we could ask that all of our volunteer mentors commit to mentoring their young person for a minimum of 12 months.


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