About Representation

About Representation

Representation at UWS

Just like a workers Union – the Students’ Union exists to represent the interests of students at UWS and works independently from UWS! The Union is led by four full time Student Sabbatical Officers, elected by students for students. They work with elected teams of School Officers, Divisional Reps, and Course Reps who all work together to make UWS even better for students. In 2023 course reps will be elected in class so please talk to your lecturer if you would like to stand!

Students also have the power to set Students’ Union policy, and any student can submit a policy to be debated and voted on by student reps at Student Council. This all helps us to be a Union led by students for students.

Find out more about how to get involved here!

There are 4 different types of reps at UWS:

Sabbatical Officers

Sabbs lead the students’ union after being elected by UWS students. They work to deliver their election promises and sit on the University Court and Senate – the highest decision making bodies of the university. They are the people who bring the student voice right to the university management.

School Officers

School Officers are elected to represent all students within their School. UWS has four schools, and two School Officers make up the team for each School. School Officers sit on School Boards so look at the students’ experience within the school, and provide student insight at a school level.

Divisional Reps

Each school is split into divisions – these are groups of similar courses and so Divisional Reps represent all students within their division. Divisional Reps sit on Divisional Boards with staff which review the courses within the division.


Course Reps

Course Reps represent students at a course level! The size of your course will change the number of reps you have – we recommend one rep to every 25 students to make sure that our reps don’t have to work too hard!

Graphic showing hierarchy of representation at UWS, from bottom to top: 1. Class Reps and Staff/Student Liaison groups; 2. Divisional Reps and Divisional Boards; 3. School Officers and School Boards; 4. Sabbatical Officers and University court and Senate


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