Extenuating Circumstances & Student Appeals

Extenuating Circumstances and Student Appeals

Sometimes, things do not go according to plan. External factors can affect your ability to perform well in assessments, which can have a knock on effect on your academic career. This article covers what to do if you find yourself in this situation. 

Extenuating Circumstances

UWS is changing how students submit why they are unable to sit an exam or submit coursework.

  • From session 16/17 all UWS students will submit through the new Extenuating Circumstances Statement process (ECS).  The ECS will be avaliable online via Self Service Banner. 

  • If a student submits an ECS for an upcoming exams/course work then they cannot/should not sit the exam/submit work. If they do and haven’t cancelled the submitted ECS the exam result/course work mark will not count.

  • If a student sits an exam/submits coursework and thinks they were affected by extenuating circumstance then they have a 48 hour window from sitting the exam/submitting the coursework to submitting an ECS, again this is done on line and no 3rd party evidence is required.

  • If a student misses the 48 hour window they should contact our Advice Workers to discuss further.

Student Appeals

A Student appeal is defined as a request to review a decision of an academic body charged with decisions on student assessment, progression and awards.

At UWS a student can appeal against the following;

  • UWS Senate Disciplinary Committee
  • UWS Fitness to Practice Committee
  • UWS Plagiarism Committee
  • Research Degree Examiners
  • Withdrawal from Module or Programme
  • Subject Panel or Progression & Awards Board

Getting Help

If you're not sure what to do, just get in touch with us at Your Union where we can advise you further, and also help you to complete the appropriate forms. 

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