Everything you need to know about Societies Council and how to get involved!

Societies Council

Everything you need to know about Societies Council and how to get involved!
  1. What is the Societies Council?
  2. When and where?
  3. Societies Executive Committee
  4. Societies Council Minutes and Actions


What is the Societies Council?

  • The Societies Council is the opportunity for societies to come together to share ideas, work together and have your say on how the Students’ Union supports your societies
  • Your opinions are essential for shaping how we work to support each other and enable societies to continue to grow and develop
  • Every society should be represented by at least one member at each council. All student society members are welcome and encouraged to attend
  • UWS Students' Union Societies Council Bye Law


When and where?

The Societies Council meets six times a year. Meetings will be held on Wednesday afternoons and will usually last one hour.

2021/22 Council dates:

  • 01/09/21, 2pm-4pm: Soc Council 1
  • 13/10/21, 2pm-3pm: Soc Council 2
  • 01/12/21, 2pm-3pm: Soc Council 3
  • 19/01/22, 2pm-3pm: Soc Council 4
  • 02/03/22, 2pm-3pm: Soc Council 5
  • 20/04/22, 2pm-3pm: Soc Council 6

Council meetings will be held online using Zoom. Specific details and the agenda will be provided in advance of each meeting


Societies Executive Committee

Each year the Societies Council elects a Societies Executive Committee. The role of the Societies Committee is to:

  • Ensure the Students’ Union acts on ideas and issues raised at Council meetings
  • Help plan and coordinate society events
  • Approve any necessary society affiliation and funding decisions


Executive Committee Members:

Claire Morris (she/her) - Chair

The Vice President Student Development is responsible for student life outside of academic life! Claire's role is to promote activities that help students to develop, such as supporting student led clubs and societies and providing opportunities to develop skills through activities such as volunteering. 



Sarah Anderson (she/her)

Course: Social Work

About me: I'm a disabled, mature, LGBT+ student and as such have met my share of barriers and boundaries. I believe my lived experience can help remove these for others.

What do I want to achieve? Equality, diversity, inclusion and equity are my passions. I want to use my skills and experience to help form and grow liberation societies. I have also set up an academic and political society and I want to use lessons from these to help fellow societies. I believe we have a diverse and vibrant community of students at UWS so I am really looking forward to what the year will bring.


Ellie Gomersall (she/her)

Course: Physics with Education

About me: Hi! I’m Ellie and I’m a member of several societies at UWS and have taken on a number of roles on committees for these groups, all of which are very close to my heart. I’m passionate about theatre, politics and social justice, and this is reflected in some of the societies I’m involved in!

What do I want to achieve? Every society at UWS is different and I think it’s really important that we acknowledge this and ensure each society is able to access the help and support it needs from the Union. I’m also keen to strengthen our communication within the Union, and to help improve recognition of our society committees, who work tirelessly to make UWS a better place for students.


Gordon McIntyre

Course: Business Technology

About me: I made the decision to return to education just after I turned 30, 6 years later and I’m in my honours year! As a mature student I have a wealth of life experience that I can draw on and I want to be able to make student life better for everybody. I am passionate about breaking down the stigma attached to people’s mental health, providing a safe and confidential environment for students to talk about any struggles they have.

What do I want to achieve? During this very difficult time that we are living through at the moment I believe that it is very important that we do all we can to remain connected, although we can’t physically be together it is my aim to ensure that all student feel like that are a part of UWS.


Societies Council Minutes and Actions

05/05/2021 - Council Minutes

30/03/2021 - Council Minutes

18/02/2021 - Exec Committee Minutes

27/01/2021 - Council Minutes

10/11/2020 - Exec Committee Minutes

28/10/2020 - Council Minutes

09/09/2020 - Council Minutes

09/09/2020 - Council Powerpoint Slides

19/08/2020 - Society Committee Members Feedback Survey March 2020


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