So you want to do something different? Read on for more information!

If you've looked over the existing societies on the list page and don’t see anything you like, you can create your own society. Creating a new society is simple! This guide will talk you through the process of creating the society.

Examples of Previous Societies

We know that saying you can make any society you want (provided its legal!) can seem a little daunting. So we thought we would give you some inspiration to some of the societies that we have seen over the last few years. 

  • The Hobbits Role Players - This society was based around the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game. The society met regularly with the Union and worked their magic, literally. 
  • The Harry Potter Society - This society was based around Harry Potter, they organised Quidditch, made butter bear and generally celebrated all things Harry Potter.
  • The Enthusiastic Fan Club of Discworld Disciples - This society was a fan club for the late Terry Pratchett OBE and all of his works. They also organised amazing cosplays!

We hope that the examples above give you some ideas for the different types of Society that you can make. If you’re not sure about any idea, please get in touch!

Deciding on a name

The first thing you need to do, is decide what you want your society should be called. The best advice that we can give is that the name should be interesting, yet be related to what the society is all about. For the purposes of this guide, we're going to talk about a fictional society "The Great British Bake off appreciation society". As the name of this fictional club suggests, it’s a club for people who are interested in baking. The name you choose, should be something similar. 

The only rule we have is that names should not be offensive. 

Setting a Goal

What do you want your society to achieve? What difference will it make to its members? Let’s look at the above society. Its primary goal is to be an active fan club for the Great British Bake Off. The difference that it will make to its members, is that it will give a new forum for the appreciation of the show and it will encourage developing friendships between people who love to bake. 

Goals should be something which the wider student body can benefit from if they choose to. For example, a society that has the goal to "encourage members to consume as much alcohol as possible" is not a goal which is something that would benefit the wider student body. 

Getting Members

To get started with your society you only need to have three members (including yourself). If you already have three people interested, then get in touch with your Student Opportunities Coordinator to book a society training session. This is where we can give you help to get you up and running, explain how your Students' Association can support you and discuss what your plans for your society.


If you still need to find other people to start your society with, here are some easy ways to do this:

- Ask around. Speak to friends, people on your course or people in your campus and halls.

- Book a stall for the Freshers Fayre. During Freshers week we will have a fayre where all existing and new societies can have a stall to promote your society and sign up new members. This can be arranged in the summer by contacting your Student Opportunities Coordinator.

- If you need more help to find students to join you, just get in touch with your President of Societies & Citizenship and they will help you.


One of the ways that your Students' Asociation can help your society is by providing funding. The process for this will be explained during your society training session.

What happens next?

Once you have met with your Student Opportunities Coordinator they will provide you with a Society Affiliation Form, which is where you will store your membership list and contact details.

You will also be provided with access to an email address for your society and a page on our website.

Then you're good to go!


Your Students' Association will be there to support you throughout the year. This will include helping you with room bookings, funding and any events, activities and fundraising you'd like to do.


Further information

If you require further information you can contact the Student Opportunities Coordinator, Jamie McDowall on the following:

  • T: 0141 849 4014



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