Cannabuddies Club

We aim to promote harm reduction and campaign for the legalisation of cannabis, reformation of drug laws and attitudes, as well as the establishment of a regulated drug market.

About us

Who Are We?

The Cannabuddies Club is a society based at UWS Paisley. We campaign for the legalisation of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes, as well as the reformation of the current general drug laws due to their ineffectiveness and harmful impact.


What Do We Believe?

Drug use is an activity which is common throughout all of society and as a result, we believe that a campaign of drug safety would be more beneficial than the Just Say No campaign, which has been ineffective in reducing harm. We believe that if people are educated truthfully about illicit substances and how to spot synthetic drugs - such as spice and NBOMe - we can help to reduce harm and keep the public safe.


What Do We Do?

In general, we are campaigning to legalise cannabis, reform the current drug laws and attitude towards illicit substances and those who use them, as well as campaigning for a regulated drug market. However, on campus we are aiming to help promote harm reduction within the university, as well as provide accurate and truthful information about drugs, the effects, and their risks. By the end of this academic year (2020-2021) we want to provide students with easy and free access to purity tests for their substances, as well as educate students on how to consume drugs safely, and what to do in the event of an overdose. 

Currently, we are not a group that holds meetings often. However, we aim to spread awareness of ourselves on campus through stall activities, posters and leaflets, as well as our online presence.

If you are interested in promoting a more beneficial campaign than Just Say No, as well as legalising cannabis, join us!

If you wish to contact us, our email is:

The Students' Union
Storie Street, Paisley, PA1 2HB
0141 849 4151

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