Luke Humberstone's portrait

Vice President of Welfare & Wellbeing

Luke Humberstone


Pronouns: he/him




Introducing Luke

Hi, I’m Luke, I was a third year Business student based on Paisley campus. I’ve been involved in student representation in one way or another since 2013, and before that I was a local community representative in the Highlands which is where I’m from.


Priorities for my time in office

I’m passionate about societies understanding of mental health and how that continues to change. I aim to try and proactively reduce the stresses students are facing my making the systems easier to navigate and fairer, as well as helping develop the services available to students to support them.

I believe the diversity of our student population is a strength and will campaign for an exchange programme as good as Erasmus+ or better that is accessible to students.

I will work to offer more opportunities for students to improve their mental health through a ‘Mind Gym’ and work with the University and Union to have better trained staff in dealing with mental health.

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