Kehinde Awolaja Portrait

Vice President of Welfare & Wellbeing

Kehinde Awolaja


Pronouns: she/her


Instagram: @uwsunionvpww



Introducing Kehinde

Hi Guys, 

My name Is Omoleye Kehinde Awolaja, I am in my first year at UWS, studying MSC International Management at the Paisley campus. I am from Lagos, Nigeria.

 I believe the diversity, equality and inclusion of our students is a strength not a weakness and I will aid in raising awareness and campaign for the change needed. People say I am blunt, but I hate to lie to people, so I tell them exactly how I feel. 

Priorities for my time in office

1) For this year i will be prioritizing the mental health of the students

2) I will be raising awareness for the services that are available at UWS, making sure policies do not affect the wellbeing and welfare of students

3) I will be working closely with the student voice team to develop the service and run campaigns on welfare issues

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