No rep for your course? It's not too late!

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No rep for your course? It's not too late!

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What are the Rep Elections for?

  • These elections are when UWS students choose who will represent them in academic year 2021/2022.
  • Students can nominate themselves for three types of position: Course Reps who represent students studying the same course, Divisional Reps who represent students within a group of similar courses, or Conference Delegates who attend NUS (National Union of Students) conferences on behalf of UWS students.
  • Nominations will go live on the 13th of September but until then, read on to find out more!

Course and Divisional Rep Election 2020 No elections are currently running

Rep Election Timetable

  • Nomination Period (13th September 9am - 24th September 5pm)
  • Voting Period (27th September 9am - 1st October 5pm)
  • Results! (October 4th)


Course Reps

Course Reps represent students at a course level! The size of your course will change the number of reps you have – we recommend one rep to every 25 students to make sure that our reps don’t have to work too hard! Course reps gather feedback from students and attend meetings with staff called SSLGs or 'Staff Student Liaison Groups'. At these meetings course reps work together with staff to find solutions and improve the student experience for those on their course. 

Read the full job description here!


Divisional Reps

Each school is split into divisions – these are groups of similar courses and so Divisional Reps represent all students within their division. Divisional Reps sit on Divisional Boards with staff which review the courses within the division. Divisional Reps will also sit on the Student Partnership Forum for the first time in the coming year in order to bring student voice to discussions around issues of concerns to students, and to include students in the design of solutions. 

Read the full job description here!

National Union of Students (NUS) Conference Roles

If you want to get involved but don't want to commit to a whole year then these could be the roles for you! Every year the National Union of Students in Scotland, and the National Union of Students UK hold conferences, and every students' union sends a delegation of students to debate and vote on issue impacting students everywhere.  Although the conferences are not until March and April 2022 we are electing these positions now to ensure that delegates are prepared and able to participate in pre-event contnt (such as the Pet of the Year competition at NUS Scotland!).

NUS Scotland Conference Delegation

  • Your UWS Students’ Union is part of NUS Scotland, and as such students from UWS are enabled to go to the NUS Conference, where all sorts of matters affecting students are debated and voted upon.
  • As a delegate you have 3 main roles as a NUS Scotland Conference Delegate which includes; voting on policy, voting in elections, voting on reports.
  • A minimum of three places are reserved for self-defining women.
  • Travel and accomodation for delegates are provided. 
  • NUS Scotland Conference will be held in Dundee from Tuesday 26th - Wednesday 27th April 2022. 

NUS UK Conference Delegation

  • Your UWS Students’ Union is part of the National Union of Students, and as such students from UWS are enabled to go to the NUS Conference, where all sorts of matters affecting students are debated and voted upon.
  • The role of a delegate attending NUS UK Conference is to attend all sessions of conference, participate in debates on matters affecting students across the UK and to vote to elect various positions within NUS.
  • Delegates will be given full training and have opportunities to get involved in the work of the Students' Union to prepare them for attending conference. 
  • Travel and accomodation for delegates are provided. 
  • A minimum of two places are reserved for self-defining women.
  • NUS National Conference will be in Liverpool from Monday 28th March to Wednesday 30th March 2022.
Read the full job descriptions here!



Election FAQs


Why should I stand as a student representative?
Any of these positions are an excellent opportunity to:

  • Make a Difference – improve UWS for your fellow students by making sure that students are heard!

  • Develop Skills – you’ll get an opportunity to attend meetings, work in partnership with university staff, and develop your skills for the workplace.

  • Get training and support – Whatever role you stand for your Students’ Union will support you to campaign, and if you’re elected your Students’ Union is here to support you in your role.

  • Become part of a community - Our reps are great at supporting each other and raising each other up, and being a rep is great way to embed yourself in university life


Why should I care about the Elections?

We believe that students should be at the heart of everything that happens at UWS – Elections make sure that the student representatives truly represent the views of students, and that the student voice is heard at every level of the university.


How do I nominate myself?

When elections are open you can simply log in to this election page and choose which positions to nominate yourself for. Make sure you upload a manifesto and a photo to let students know who you are, what you stand for, and why they should vote for you!


What is a manifesto, and should I have one?

Manifestos are used to tell students why they should vote for you, they usually include a little about yourself and a promise to do something for students if elected (e.g. to listen and represent the class views to staff). 

As a minimum, we’d encourage you to upload a picture of yourself so students know who you are and help them identify you while in class (whether online or in person)


Can I stand for more than one position?

We ask students to choose between the Course Rep role and the Division Rep role to ensure the workload is manageable and opportunities are open to more students. 

You can however stand for Course or Division Rep and for an NUS Conference Delegate role. 


How will students know who I am and how to vote?

Once voting opens, all students will receive an email from Your Union explaining how to vote and asking them to vote for their Course and Division Rep, and NUS Conference Delegates, we will also send a reminder email during voting week alongside lots of Social Media posts.

You can of course promote the election yourself, however before doing so you must read our rules and guidance for campaigning and abide by these, please refer to the ‘Questions or Complaints section’ for the rules of this election.


My course isn’t on the election list / I can’t nominate or vote, what should I do?

If you believe your Course should be on the Rep Election list, either for nomination or for voting, and it’s not visible to you, please contact as soon as possible, please include your Banner ID number, Course, Year and Campus, and if possible a screenshot of any error messages you receive.


Still have questions? Contact, your student representation coordinator, for more information!

Click here to see the results from October 2020
Click here to see the election results for March 2021




Questions or Complaints

If you have any questions about the election, please contact Sabina Lawrie on 0141 849 4419 or email . All enquiries are kept in the strictest confidence. 

If you would like to make a complaint about the election please download and complete the Elections Complaint Form before sending it to Sabina. You can read a copy of the election rules by clicking here, and a copy of the rules regarding online campaigning by clicking here



You will need to log into the website, using your standard log in, to Vote. 

If your password is not working - you need to have this reset by ITDS. 


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