Your Union's Big Elections Coming Soon!

Everything you need to know about the Big Elections 2021

Your Union's Big Elections Coming Soon!

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Course and Divisional Rep Election 2020 No elections are currently running


What are the Big Elections?

  • These elections are when UWS students choose who will represent them in academic year 2021/2022.
  • Students can nominate themselves for two types of position: either a full time paid role as a sabbatical officer, or a part time volunteer role conducted alongside your studies.
  • Nominations will go live on the 1st of February but until then, read on to find out more!


Big Elections 2021 Timetable

*Candidates can begin campaigning virtually (i.e. online) as soon as they nominate themselves


Sabbatical Officer Roles

Salary £19,565 p/a


  • Sabbatical Officers are the full time student leadership team of the Students' Union.
  • Sabbs lead the students’ union after being elected by UWS students.
  • They work to deliver their election promises and sit on the University Court and Senate – the highest decision making bodies of the university.
  • They are the people who bring the student voice right to the University management.
  • They are called "sabbatical" officers because they pause their studies for a year or take up the role as they graduate.
  • Elected Sabbatical Officers will be asked to be available from 1st June 2021 but will be officially in office for a year beginning on 1st July 2021
  • There are four sabbatical positions so there's a role to suit you and whatever you care about most!




If you are looking to develop and use your leadership skills and like to have an overview of everything that is happening, this could be the perfect position for you!

  • The president leads the Students’ Union, and the team of sabbatical officers.
  • The president, alongside the board of trustees, is responsible for the actions of the students’ union, and will represent all student at UWS through attending meetings such as the University Court and Senate, and working in partnership with students, staff, and the wider student movement.


VP Education

If you are passionate about learning and teaching, and see that the educational experience is central to your university experience, you could be the next VP Education!

  • The VP Education works to improve the learning experience at UWS.
  • They work particularly closely with student reps, focussing on education of course!
  • The VP education works to improve learning resources, curriculum, and teaching methods among other things.


VP Student Development

If you are excited about all of the extra activities university has to offer such as clubs, societies, and volunteering this position could be a great fit for you!

  • The VP Student Development works to improve student lives at UWS outside of the classroom.
  • They work with clubs and societies, and work to develop opportunities for students.
  • This can include volunteering and skills training.


VP Welfare and Wellbeing 

If you know university can be a tough time for students and want to help ensure students are cared for, why not apply to be the next Welfare and Wellbeing?

  • The VP Welfare and Wellbeing works to improve student welfare and wellbeing at UWS.
  • This includes helping to create a better environment for student mental health, and working towards solutions for student poverty.



Volunteer Roles


Volunteer School Officer Roles

  • School Officers bridge the gap between divisional reps and the Sabbatical Officers.
  • School Officers gather information from divisional reps, sit on School Boards, and keep students informed, and work with the Students' Union to improve life for UWS students within their schools.
  • There are two school officers per school at UWS, and this is a role you can complete during your studies to gain experience and skills, and an insight into how the university works!
  • This role is open to those on taught programmes, and there is a seperate opportunity for research students.


Union Chair Role

  • The Union Chair is a very important role within the Students' Union.
  • The Union Chair is elected to hold the Sabbatical Officers to account and is the chair of Student Council.
  • This means chairing meetings that could have over 100 student reps in attendance and ensuring fair debating and voting on Student Union policy. 


Post-Graduate Research (PGR) Roles

All of these roles are for memberships of different boards and committees that influence the PGR experience at UWS. This is a great opportunity to see the inner workings of the university, get even more experience in an academic setting, and really make a difference for yourself and other PGR students.

PGR School Officer

  • For the first time this year we're electing specific Representation School Officers because we know the research student experience is very unique.
  • School Officers bridge the gap between divisional reps and the Sabbatical Officers.
  • You will sit on School Boards, keep PGR students informed, and work with the Students' Union to improve life for PGR students within your school.


Doctoral College Board Members

  • There are two positions for Doctoral Students on the Doctoral College Board.
  • The Doctoral College is responsible for addressing issues related to the doctoral student experience including registration, research studies, progression, and assessment of doctoral students.
  • They also review and monitor the conditions of doctoral candidates.


PGR Senate Rep

  • The PGR Senate Representative will be the PGR voice on the Senate.
  • The Senate is responsible for overall planning, co-ordination, development and supervision of the academic work of the University and the elected student officers sit on Sentate too.
  • This is an excellent opportunity to sit on one of the highest university committees with senior management; to see how the university works, and to make sure that PGR students are represented at all levels at UWS.


Research and Enterprise Advisory Committee Members

  • There are two places for doctoral students on the Research and Enterprise Advisory Committee.
  • This committee is responsible for the development of research and enterprise at UWS, and makes recommendations to Senate - one of the highest committees in the University.


National Union of Students (NUS) Conference Roles

If you want to get involved but don't want to commit to a whole year then these could be the roles for you! Every year the National Union of Students in Scotland, and the National Union of Students UK hold conferences, and every students' union sends a delegation of students to debate and vote on issue impacting students everywhere.  


NUS Scotland Conference Delegation

  • Your UWS Students’ Union is part of NUS Scotland, and as such students from UWS are enabled to go to the NUS Conference, where all sorts of matters affecting students are debated and voted upon.
  • As a delegate you have 3 main roles as a NUS Scotland Conference Delegate which includes; voting on policy, voting in elections, voting on reports.
  • A minimum of three places are reserved for self-defining women.

NUS UK Conference Delegation

  • Your UWS Students’ Union is part of the National Union of Students, and as such students from UWS are enabled to go to the NUS Conference, where all sorts of matters affecting students are debated and voted upon.
  • The role of a delegate attending NUS UK Conference is to attend all sessions of conference, participate in debates on matters affecting students across the UK and to vote to elect various positions within NUS.
  • A minimum of two places are reserved for self-defining women.



Election FAQs


Why should I stand as a student representative?
Any of these positions are an excellent opportunity to:

  • Make a Difference – improve UWS for your fellow students by making sure that students are heard!

  • Develop Skills – you’ll get an opportunity to attend meetings, work in partnership with university staff, and develop your skills for the workplace.

  • Get training and support – Whatever role you stand for your Students’ Union will support you to campaign, and if you’re elected your Students’ Union is here to support you in your role.


Why should I care about the Elections?

We believe that students should be at the heart of everything that happens at UWS – Elections make sure that the student representatives truly represent the views of students, and that the student voice is heard at every level of the university.


How do I nominate myself?

When elections are open you can simply log in to this election page and choose which positions to nominate yourself for. Make sure you upload a manifesto to let students know what you stand for and why they should vote for you!

Still have questions? Contact, your student representation coordinator, for more information!

Click here to see the results from October 2020
Click here to see the election results for March 2020




Questions or Complaints

If you have any questions about the election, please contact Sabina Lawrie on 0141 849 4419 or email . All enquiries are kept in the strictest confidence. 

If you would like to make a complaint about the election please download and complete the Elections Complaint Form before sending it to Sabina. You can read a copy of the election rules by clicking here, and a copy of the rules regarding online campaigning by clicking here



You will need to log into the website, using your standard log in, to Vote. 

If your password is not working - you need to have this reset by ITDS. 


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