Hate Crime

The Students' Union can help you to report a hate crime.

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Hate crime reporting

The Students' Union is an authorised third party hate crime reporter. This means that if you have been targeted by another person or person(s) in a way which is deemed to be a hate crime. Hate Crime can take the form of physical attack, verbal abuse, offensive / threatening letters or phone calls and can even be an attack on a persons’ perceived race, religion, ability, orientation, or gender identity.  We believe that no hate crime is too minor to report. We can take statements and report the incident to the Police on your behalf or, if you feel you can’t report the crime yourself a family member or friend can report it for you.

This system also allows the crime to be reported anonymously or if you make the decision to speak with the Police they can meet you anywhere you feel comfortable, they can also come in plain clothes and, you can also specify for only female or male officers to attend. If you wish to report a hate crime, please get in touch. All matters are treated confidentially.

Contact the advice workers if you wish to report a hate crime.

For more information on Hate Crime vist Police Scotland's page.