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David Richard Laffan

Demanding better for all of us

I am an experienced person for this role, as I represented the Students’ Union last year at National Conference in Liverpool my house! Despite the disappointment but knowing it was for the best, I managed to network well with other delegates across Scotland where I learned a lot about student politics on a UK level. I’m involved in many things across the uni such as being a committee member for the largest society, having experience in facilitating meetings as Union Chair, and sitting on the executive for Team UWS. I will bring this experience in putting forward ideas and experience in high-level meetings with me. So that you can have a skilled delegate for the job!

Action for students who were mistreated during the pandemic, Experienced scrutiny for NUS' elected officials, Fight for more accessible in-person learning

Action for students who were mistreated during the pandemic

We have all suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have been cheated out of our money, mental health, and lives. We have been thrown round from one problem to the next, from timetabling nightmares, rental catastrophes, and poor support. I will vote and speak knowing what we have been through, and demand meaningful action for students to get what they need to cope.


Experienced scrutiny for NUS’ elected officials

I have been Union Chair for the last year, scrutinising your sabbatical officers on their manifestos. I will bring this skill to conference and ensure the work of NUS in the past year doesn’t go unchecked. As an elected delegate, I should also uphold this standard. So feel free to drop me a line via my student email.


Fight for more accessible in-person learning

I will stand up for an accessible education plan moving forward. As much as distance learning has been a pain for some, it has improved accessibility and I am in favour of getting things off the ground so in-person learning can be more inclusive. This should include lecture capturing as default, more support nets such as non-detriment, and student mental health as a number one priority.


Issues affecting other UK nations


There are different issues that England, Wales, and Northern Ireland has compared to Scotland. I am committed to reading up on these so I can vote with an understanding of what these policies are. I would like to note "Higher education: free speech and academic freedom",a plan made by the UK Government (affecting England only). In part, it limits Students’ Unions powers to decide to no-platform people (which rarely happens) and punishes them for doing so. Whilst rarely done, given how drastic the action is. It forces student bodies to openly embrace hate groups, or groups who may cause violence on campus. This is also a larger attack on a demographic who believe people should face consequences for spouting hatred, and be accountable for actions made in the past.

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