Candidate for the position of NUS National Conference Delegation

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Sarah Anderson

Vote Sarah Anderson to listen, value and represent your voice. I stand for accessibility, inclusion, intersectionality and equality.


I am currently a first year Social Work class rep and am asking for your vote for NUS National Conference Delegation. I promise to take this role seriously, if elected, listen to all students and vote on your mandate.

I believe it is important to be fully accountable. I voted there must be a referendum on potential strike action so that the wider student voice is heard. I intend to vote yes to strike so that those who wish to strike will not be penalised for upholding their rights

About myself:

I am an LGBT+, disabled, mature student. As such accessibility, diversity and inclusion are vitally important to me. I have first-hand experience of what can go wrong when students are not listend to and I have fought to win changes for the students I represent including longer assessment times, changes to assessment formats and longer seminar sessions. I take my role as rep seriously and am always available to listen and act on concerns raised so I promise to listen to all students and vote on the mandate which you give me if successful in this election.

Since studying at UWS I have:

1) Attended every Student Rep Council and have had 3 policies overwhelmingly passed including more accessible materials in advance of lectures, more accessible toilets for our disabled students and hybrid Student Councils to allow students with extra commitments, including childcare and work, to take part.

2) Attended every Student Staff Liaison Meeting to represent the views of other students.

3) Founded the Social Work Academic Society including arranging outside speakers and networking opportunities.

4) Sat on both the University and Union Equality and Diversity Committees to ensure student voices are heard and a more accessible student experience is enabled.

5) Assisted to run various campaigns including 16 days of action on domestic abuse. 

Pledges if elected:

If I am successful I promise to -

1) Ensure mental health is treated as a top priority. Students are struggling and we are not receiving enough support.

2) Hold a check-in session so you can tell me how you would wish me to vote. I would be attending conference to represent us so it is vital to me that your voices are heard and valued.

3) Contact students who are unable to attend check-in sessions regardless of reason to ensure that all voices are heard.

4) Provide accessible bulletins after conference so that all students know exactly how I voted and can hold me to account.


Your voices and opinions matter. I promise to represent you. I promise to uphold mandate.






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