Candidate for the position of Union Chair

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Peter Ilesanmi

Education is key.

Firstly, I want to continue the fantastic work that the former Union Chair has done.

I want to increase the funding for both Societies and Sports Societies so they can continue to enjoy doing what they love without being affected by the costs.

Societies can go to more events as a result, for example, if the Video gaming Society wants to go to competitions, transport funds would be provided so they are not hindered by logistics costs.

And so, Sports Societies again do not have to suffer not being able to go to events or inability to afford new kit because the cost is so exorbitant.

I also plan to work with Sabbatical officers and all members of the Student Union and make them more accountable to the students and the promises they made in their manifestos.

I want to make students more aware of the activities of the Student Union and I hope to work with all members of the Union Council to produce an annual report that students can read and give feedback. I believe this will be an effective way in getting students to engage with the Student Union.

I also want to work with the Sabbatical officers to promote more frequent use of the Student Union for socials as it has the potential to be a place for fantastic nights out.

I have many more motions that I would like to propose to the Student Union, but these will be my main areas of focus if I am elected Student Union Chair.

cheers .

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