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Luke Humberstone

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This Academic Year has been the hardest ever for UWS students. Adjusting to online teaching, often in isolation, without income from part-time jobs, and some having to do so with children at home or with English as a second language. 

The impact on student's welfare and wellbeing has been stark, with an increase in claims for Extenuating Circumstances, Extensions, and even some students dropping out altogether.  

As your current Vice President of Welfare and Wellbeing, I have achieved much this year: 

  • An Audit of mental health services 

  • Rent refunds for students in halls 

  • Leading on the largest mental health survey Scotland has ever seen 

  • A review of Dissertations 

  • A review of Deadline Clashes 

  • Personalised Timetables with another review underway  

Nevertheless, I believe much more has to be done for students: 

  • Proactive Student Support, the university needs to reach out to students to support them 

  • An Enhanced Academic Safety Net (No Detriment Policy) 

  • Better trained staff on mental health issues including Mental Health First Aid training and ASIST training 

  • Opportunities for Mental wellness, including yoga, meditation, and mindfulness 

  • Rejoin Erasmus + 

Vote to Re-elect Luke Humberstone as Vice President of Welfare and Wellbeing for all of this and more. 

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