Candidate for the position of Vice President of Welfare and Wellbeing

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Calvin Paris

You matter.

Hello! I’m Calvin, I am currently in my third year of Web and Mobile Development and I want to be your next Vice President of Health and Wellbeing!

Our community at UWS is beautifully diverse— a mix of ethnicities, sexualities, gender identities, disabilities, backgrounds and talents. With this in mind it is important to acknowledge that every single person within our student body has different needs and it is my goal to ensure that you all feel supported, safe and happy during your time at university. 

In the past I have been involved with several LGBTQI+ groups and held management positions at work. No matter what I do my focus is to support, uplift and better the experiences of those around me, and I want to do that for you all! Ensuring the wellbeing of students in this trying time is absolutely fundamental to academic success and fulfilment and I will strive to do that to the best of my abilities. 

If elected my areas of focus will include:

  • Accessibility without obstacles: I want to establish a less stressful and invasive method of applying for extenuating circumstances, have open discussions with disabled and non-neurotypical students with what could improve their academic experience. I also wish to make sure that mental health services are clearly advertised and available. 
  • Diversity and inclusion: I wish to amplify the voices of minority groups within the student body and work to connect people to build supportive, open communities. As someone who experienced transphobia from another student in a previous course ensuring the safety of minority groups is close to my heart, and I would aim to have zero-tolerance measures for bigoted behaviours within our university.
  • Financial aid: Financial difficulties and poor mental health are heavily linked. No student should have their grades suffer because they are worried about paying rent or don’t have the funds to buy equipment. If elected I wish to promote any funds that are currently available and outside grassroots funds.  

I will strive to be open, approachable and I will listen to your voices. The past year has been difficult for many and no one should have to suffer alone. My emails will always be open to you. You will never be alone. You matter.

In this terrifying world all we have are the connections that we make.” 

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