Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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Rabia Arshad

Together we can all make a difference! Vote for Rabia #1 VP Education  

My name is Rabia Arshad; I’m a final-year Research Doctorate (DBA) student and I’m running to be your next Student Vice President Education.

I have been at the UWS for a few years now, and during this time I have been very much involved in activities to enhance the learning experience of my fellow doctoral students. Those of you who know me, know that I am responsive, friendly and always willing to help.

My Journey at UWS so far:

  • I am organising the 1st DBA Research Symposium.  
  • I initiated a virtual peer-support network on Moodle for doctoral students.
  • For the past year, I have been actively involved in organising webinars and meetings for doctoral students.
  • I am E-PAL Leader in a Peer Assisted Learning program (PGR Connections) at UWS- and organise online Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) sessions to support PGRs during the time of remote learning and lockdown. 


Now I want to make a bigger impact. The role of VP Education will give me a chance to carry out these activities and much more not only for doctoral students, but for all levels and across all campuses at the UWS. 

What I intend to do to improve your learning experience at UWS, if elected:

  • Free digital skills courses for students to support academic development and enhance employability.  
  • Implement an effective feedback system. 
  • Provide teaching and peer- mentoring opportunities for doctoral students.
  • Research conferences and symposiums for PGRs and PGT students to enhance academic and professional development.
  • Research training program for first-year DBA students and timely mock viva for all doctoral students.  
  • Researcher development program for postgraduate students.
  • Establish a dissertation peer-support network for students to share their challenges and get advice from their peers and senior students.  
  • Hold regular meetings with students from all campuses to hear students’ views, concerns and ideas. 

I understand the role requires a real sense of dedication. I know these are all big promises, and I am already doing some of it for my fellow PGRs, the sabbatical officer role will allow me to work in a professional capacity and make a much bigger impact.

What makes me the best candidate for VP Education role?

It’s my 4th year at UWS as a student and I have a good understanding of things, the struggles students face, and where there is potential to improve things and bring new perspectives. As a mature student who comes from a diverse background and have experience of working and living in different parts of the world, I know I have what it takes to do justice to the role. Moreover, my experience as a research doctorate student- the highest level of academic degree, allows me to bring different ideas and perspectives to the role.