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Athol Bond

Vote For A More Radical Students Union, Vote Athol Bond #1 VP Student Development

I'm Athol, I’m a 3rd year Society, Politics, and Policy student, and I’m running to be your next Vice-President of Student Development. I have been a student rep for the last 3 years and was Division Rep last year, so I have firsthand experience representing students. I was also LGBT+ Officer last year where I not only represented students but also organised events across multiple UWS campuses.



Revamp Green Spaces on Campuses 

After over a year off campus our green spaces need some TLC. Green spaces help both students and staff by not only providing a good space for relaxation, but also study's show green spaces can improve wellbeing and have positive effects on mental health which we all could use a bit of right now. 

New Events Post-COVID, On All Campuses 

One thing the student experience has been missing this year is events. With the coronavirus situation improving and the vaccine rollout underway, in person events are becoming a real possibility in the near future. I want to bring more events to all UWS campuses, not just Paisley, improving the student experience and creating community. Union events are such a huge part of the student experience and they have been missed greatly, so once COVID settles, let's make up for lost time and make it the best year we’ve ever had. 

Improve Access to Online Academic Materials 

One issue COVID has highlighted is that students need better access to online academic papers and textbooks, so that remote studying can continue effectively, and in the future students have better access to any materials they might need. This includes improving students access to moodle materials,and removing time constraints.

Supporting Societies And Students Return To Campus

With on campus activities being on the horizon i want to ensure our societies not only return safely, but with a bang. A lot has changed in the last year and i want to ensure societies, and students, have the support they need to thrive in whatever new reality faces us post-COVID. I would also like to see more societies running their own events in the Students Union, introducing their peers to new things and making friends along the way!

Scrap Grad Fees (Finally!) 

Students should not be forced to pay to graduate a degree they have spent years working towards, especially in such a time of financial crisis. 27% of UWS undergraduates are from the most deprived areas of Scotland and grad fees directly contradict with UWS’s goal of being a wider access university. UWS has been dragging its feet on this issue for years now, it’s time for more radical action. 




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