Candidate for the position of Vice President of Welfare and Wellbeing

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Asim Saleem

Your Welfare & Well being is my responsibility; Ready to lead. Vote for (Asim)

My name is Asim Saleem; Post Graduate Students for (Business & Creative Industries) I’m running for VP Welfare and wellbeing , and would really appreciate your vote!

As a Student being myself, I am well aware about the current financial impact on every student. I am kind of networking person and my primary goal is by utilizing my communication channels and connections with union and UWS team to create new path and set directions for students Career.

I will organize  one on one meeting with students to arrange more healthy activities in frame of social distancing and guidelines .Also, I will work closely with students to ensure that their voice and opinion are heard by the senior university representatives in areas of welfare and what matter most to students.

Furthermore, I believe that the relationship between students and student’s Union Advice Service should include workshop on welfare issues, course issues and extending to transport issues.

Vote me as your Vice President of Welfare and Wellbeing and together we shall promote better relationship and outcome within students, student union and senior university representative .

Thanks & Best Regards

Asim Saleem

Candidate for

VP Welfare & Wellbeing 

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