Candidate for the position of Health and Life Sciences School Officers

Jade Lynn

Keeping your voice heard

Hi, my name is Jade and i'm a 1st year biomedical sciences student. I'd be good for this role as I know the frustrations of university and feeling left out the picture sometimes about information. University can be difficult, especially if you feel like your thoughts and feelings arent being heard or addressed. My aim would be to help make sure this doesnt happen. Keeping every indivduals informed about current plans and goals so that not only do you feel a little more reassured with your time as a university student but so you don't feel your time as a UWS student wasn't worthwhile.

Whilst I can list lots of ideas I have, I think it's more important to highlight I'm here to listen to you. Any ideas you or your fellow students have is the priority here, I'm not standing to get my ideas heard but the student bodies voice instead. 

By electing me, I'll be taking a role on from speaking to your class reps right to the student union. Therefore, I'll be a friendly face across all grounds. Therefore, feel free to come to me anytime, even if it's just because you're having a rough time and need a friend or if you just want a wee ramble. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to be able to speak to you soon!

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