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Harry Martin

Harry Martin #1 for Vice President of Education. Ensuring Fair Education for all. Striving to enable all students to get the most out of their time at UWS! Vote Harry Martin to ensure your Voices are Heard, listened to and most of all Respected!

Hi there,

My name is Harry Martin. I'm running to be your Vice President of Education!

I have been a student at UWS for a few years now. My experience and knowledge of other campuses can help me if elected as I've had classes in Ayr, Lanarkshire and Paisley, I have also visited Dumfries several times. 

 With my Undergrad being in Childhood Studies and my current course being a Masters in Psychology, I feel I am able to provide learning environments that are nurturing and knowledge enriching.  

Due to  visiting different campuses, it is clear to me that there are many things that different campuses do extremely well like (the union in paisley or the holistic relaxing environment at Lanarkshire). I have seen things that need to be changed to make the experiences better like improving internet usage at Paisley, developing more of a union space in Lanarkshire or making the union and gym more appealing to students in Ayr.


Why Vote for me?;

If elected I will:

  • Work to ensure that events are run in all of the unions across all Five Campuses that work for Everyone - getting families involved for inclusive events, cross campus competitions, increased online engagement activities due to the current pandemic.


  • Work to ensure that all UWS students feel part of the Community at the University of the West of Scotland whether face to face or online - encouraging the students to take part in events and activities ensure that they are aware of the different aspects that are in place for the students (the gym, unions, societies etc).


  • Ensure that there are more food options in the canteen that are affordable to all - At the minute, there is a large selection of food and drinks available at UWS, however, having a meal at lunch time can cost students a lot of money - especially full time students if they are paying £5/6 a day for lunch that builds up. 5 days a week that's £25 or a month is a whopping £100+ which is a lot of money for students so I hope to get this sorted.


  • Improve the access to Digital Libraries.


  • Ensure the 3 week turn around period for feedback is upheld as much as possible. - if there are any changes students should be informed as soon as able.


  • Work at informing more students about the support that they can receive with essay writing and other skill based areas  - make students more aware of these students as well as improve the service to correspondence via email especially for students like Nursing who spend a lot of time off campus.


  • Encourage more access to funding and scholarships for all students. 


These are some of the main areas I want to target however, it will not stop here. I plan to hear from students and adapt to ensure that the students would be heard!


Vote for Harry Martin to have your Voices Heard.


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