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Sean Roberts

An "Aye" for Inclusivity

In writing this manifesto it may shock some of you to know that I started my university journey in September 2010 as a 22-year-old, 1st-year student originally at UWS Paisley Campus, my course is somewhat different today to when I had started, as I began my journey in the Event Management course within the business and creative industries school, I chose to study event management based on my previous work experience in sports events, which I had been part of since leaving high school. Believe me when I say that I reconcile with each Business & Creative Industries student that has ever entered UWS, from my own experience I know that university is no easy feat, to quote the words of my 1st year marketing concepts lecturer “this is the university of hard knocks” and believe me when I say it took me a very long time to appreciate that quote.

Fast forward to 2021and I find myself here in 3rd year of the BA Management programme asking you for your support as I wish to represent every business and creative industries student at the school board level. Currently, I run my own event management company which I have done for the past 5 years, in this time I have worked with other businesses and organisations such as the CCWC (Corporate Counsel Women of Color) based in New York and Zenus Biometrics based in Austin, Texas. I have also had the privilege of working alongside the Scottish Government’s service design team helping to enhance employability services in Scotland itself.

The three things that I openly pledge is to cooperate, to be cohesive and to be transparent to every need of the 5,000 students I hope to represent in the business and creative industries school. For me, the first thing I would like to propose is a UWS charter of inclusivity, no student at UWS should ever feel unwanted or feel their physical or mental circumstances should affect their ability to enjoy university life.

With the UWS charter of inclusivity I would pledge that there are genuine efforts made to improve inclusivity and overall social and cultural impacts to help all students reconcile with; the university, build up pride, standards, and students’ perspectives. In my mind, there is no better way to promote university life than a thorough well-executed programme of events created by students for students.

whether events are live, virtual or hybrid I would love to pioneer a new form of UWS student life, a new beginning for social interaction and inclusivity that “remembers the past but plans for the future” through hard thought daily efforts to provide the best possible university experience that can be offered at the University of the West of Scotland.

We only have a short period of time as campaigners to solidify our presence amongst the very many great students who have proceeded us and those who will succeed us in the future. Vote online at from Monday 1st March until Thursday 4th March.

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