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Jade Charlotte Grant

The Science of Positive Changes.

Name: Jade Charlotte Grant
Position Standing For: Education and Social Sciences School Officer
Why are you standing: The education for students have been terribly abused since the start of the pandemic and the general societal changes which isn’t only affecting the quality of the education but also the quantity. Not only the education but the mental health of the students has been affected and their general experience at university.
As a student, I have seen the deterioration of the education and social science since the end of high school which I within myself have been faced with challenges and I believe other students have felt the struggle too. Social Sciences have always been an interested to me however I believe it is still seen as gender divided subjects. Biology is seen as a female subject and physics has been a male orientated subject. I had a lot of help and support throughout the tough times we are facing however I understand that not all students have received this support which is why I intend to focus on all students being heard and receiving the support they all deserve. 
As an officer, I would be given exceptional opportunities to achieve my aims for the students in the upcoming year. I have witnessed throughout my time in education that a lack of support in students and how badly this has affected their interest and quality in education. I want to guide them to the support they need and to show them that all challenges can be overcame. 
Elect me and only positive changes will be seen. 
Priority 1: Student voices to be heard. 
Listening and acting upon the voices of students within education and social science courses is a top priority. Students deserve the right to feel like their voice is being heard from a friendly and approachable individual. 
Priority 2: Work in harmony with course reps and Sabbatical officers. 
Working together is an absolute must in order for changes to be made. Everyone needs to have disagreements and agreements in order to be successful with the changes as debating and compromising always helps to understand each other. 
Priority 3: Support the students.
All students deserve to be supported throughout their time in education and after they decide to move on.  


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