Candidate for the position of Vice President of Student Development

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Claire Morris

Please vote for Claire for Student Development Vice President! Bring back hope for the future If elected I will support student’s with transition back to University, making sure after COVID-19 students are aware we can move forward to a bright, rewarding future. We overcome a pandemic we can overcome anything!

Hi, I am standing for VP for Student Development, please use your vote wisely, your vote will give me the opportunity to represent you in the University.

Students are the heart of the University and ensuring effective communication with students on all Universities activities and services is vital for the University and Students to function, building an inter-dependant relationship.


If elected, I will focus on the following:

  • Ensure effective communication with students, before commencing University and at the beginning of the Academic Year, ensuring students are aware of all the support mechanisms, services, and practical arrangements available
  • Promote inclusiveness and the Student Support Policy within the University making sure students are aware of learning support available
  • Make sure the Induction process for new students is updated with all COVID-19 relevant information in-line with Scottish Government regulations
  • Improve the buddy process for all students to be flexible to online sessions
  • Make sure all student groups are acknowledged, promote new clubs, societies and extra mural activities, work towards helping develop student opportunities
  • Create volunteering opportunities and skills training sessions for students
  • Encourage a more blended style of learning to reduce student numbers
  • Make sure support is in place for students with post COVID-19 related issues



**********Please feel free to email me:*****************


Skills and Experience:

  • Student at UWS 3 plus years
  • Have studied online & across 3 UWS Universities, Ayr, Paisley, and Lanarkshire
  • Undergraduate and Honours in Childhood Studies, Working towards Masters Conversion in Psychology
  • 20 plus years in Finance experience, 3 plus years in Nursery Teaching experience
  • Personal experience mother of 4 x children, 2 x with ASN and 1 x child with physical disabilities post- transplant in 2020
  • Driven, hardworking, focussed on helping others
  • Promoting a healthy student home-work life balance is key 
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