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Liam Clark

Live to Learn to Love. Learn to Love to Live. Love to Live to Learn. - Rico Dasheem

Hello! My name is Liam Clark(26), and I am studying Events Management at the Paisley Campus. I'm active in my community, and volunteer locally for several organisations (Viewpark Gardens Community Group, Music Broth, Chris’s House). Since coming to university, I’ve grown to love learning alongside helping others. I'm keen to support other students who want to do the same! I left School with no real qualifications, but I met great people while volunteering who inspired me to get back into education. If I can be here, on track for a degree, anyone can with the right support and community around them. That's what my campaign is all about.

If elected as the Vice President of Student Development, I’d work to improve students' experiences, opportunities and happiness while at uni, by:

Socialising during COVID:

I'll work with student groups to support online activity and events. Create online peer support spaces for students to socialise and support one and other. As lockdown restrictions loosen, I will seek to move this peer support to in person provision on each of our campuses.

Supporting student collaboration:

As a musician and event organiser, I recognise the value and necessity of collaboration in making a positive impact. I will provide support, seek funding for students and student groups, to collaborate on projects and focus on developing event planning skills.

Livestream events:

Given we can't come together and socialise like normal, we need to bring students together however we can. I will support students to create and deliver livestream events, highlighting student talent and our fantastic clubs & societies.

Healthy food and food for health:

Due to my own personal health, I know how much of an impact diet has on wellbeing. I will work to ensure there is healthy food in SU premises, university catering for all students, and food options for those with specific conditions effected by diet.

Language Learning:

Despite being surrounded by international students on campus, most students from the UK only speak English. I will seek to secure funding for free language classes for UWS students, to help expand students' horizons, enhance employability and improve international mobility.

Our community post-COVID:

I, like you, can't wait to see the back of COVID-19, but we have to ensure our SU is prepared to welcome students back on campus. While observing the public health guidance, I will support club and society student outreach and help them access spaces for events, to deliver the best freshers possible for our incoming students and our second years, who didn't have that opportunity last year.

With your support, I will seek to bring students together, support collaboration and creativity, build opportunities for students and student groups and look forward to a post-COVID student community which is more vibrant, connected and together than it ever has been before. Hopefully I can rely on your vote during the 1st-4th of March, and encourage you to get in touch with any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for reading!




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