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Kirsty Randall

Giving all students the opportunity to be heard. Let's fight for change.

Hi everybody,

This year has definitely not been the year we were expecting it to be, I know that students have felt an immense amount of pressure working from home.  Many students are struggling with completing coursework, time management due to caring responsibilities or having to work and also the negative impact on mental health has been astronomical. 

If this sounds like you please do not suffer in silence, there is a very good chance that some of your friends or others on your course are feeling the exact same way and are too afraid to admit it out loud.  If you feel unable to talk to those close to you, please reach out to the student union at where you will be able to access support services.


A little about me

My name is Kirsty, and I am 2nd year, mature student, studying Criminal Justice at UWS Paisley.  I have been a student representative for the past 2 years, attending every student council meeting and SSLG meetings, voicing the concerns raised by those I represent.  I have studied previously through The Open University so have experience of working from home and know first-hand how hard it is to stay motivated.  I have worked since the age of 16 in retail and my last position I was a supervisor to 30 employees, I have learned how to be diplomatic while still getting my voice heard and will use the skills, I have learned to stand up for those who may feel unable to do so for themselves.


As the Education and Social Sciences School Officer I aim to :-   

  1. Ensure that all students have a voice, it is often difficult to be heard.  If I am elected as your next School Officer, all students can raise any concerns directly to me, and in turn, I will pursue these on your behalf, without disclosing your details.
  2. Ensure that student support services are better signposted for anyone who may be struggling and unsure of where to turn for help.
  3. Encourage the university to take into account the challenges faced by direct entry students into UWS who have no prior knowledge of the systems used or the processes in place to submit coursework.  I would ask that short videos showing how to access things such as Aula, Moodle or the library should be available to all.
  4. Ensure better communication between your School Officers and your course representatives.
  5. Encourage lecturers to only use essential readings throughout course work that are fully accessible through online sources or physically from the library.
  6. Encourage changes to the way that feedback on assignments is given.  Currently, feedback highlights what a student has done correctly but provides little advice or guidance on how to improve on work so does not give opportunity for improvement.


Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto, please vote for me to be your next Education and Social Sciences School Officer.  



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