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Nicole Campbell

"Be quick vote for nic"

Hello fellow students,

I would like to start by saying thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto.

The reason I have nominated myself  this year for student president, is because I am just like the 99% of students and have no idea what is happening with this year ?

I would like to be a part of the solution and the positive change, I understand the current situation has left students and faculty with much uncertainty and the pressure and stress involved, so well done to everyone with some sanity left. 

Under the current circumstances my promise to my fellow students are limited until we know when we shall all be returning back into the university's.

However my promise is that I care!

What matters to you matters to me! 

The qualities and attributes I can bring to this role include 

I am relatable, I am just like you not necessarily politically minded. I just feel so strongly about how important this is this year, I had to get involved.

I am resourceful, I always have a pen, jk, I am very resourceful with my ability to retain knowledge and empathise with all kinds of people, I have a very strange and random aray of skills.

I am very adaptable, I am an emotional chameleon, I feel through of all my struggles and success in life, my ability to be adaptable has been my main saving grace and thats what this role needs especially in these uncertain times.

My promise to you if elected is to always remain impartial and non bias, your feelings and opinions matter to me and I feel that gives me motivation to believe I have what it takes to represent you.


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