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Jennifer Preston

Hiya, my name is Jennifer Preston and I live in the southside of Glasgow. I am standing as a candidate to be one of the Education and Social Sciences School Officers.

Currently, I am in my second year of studying Primary Teaching. During my first year at UWS, I was a student rep for my cohort. This experience helped me to develop my confidence, communication and teamwork skills. I listened to my peers’ questions or queries, and I did my best to resolve any problems they were facing. I intend to do the same thing, if I am elected as a School Officer. 

Pledges, if elected:

1.  To improve communication between staff and pupils

As a result of the global pandemic, everyone needs to stay at home, which has led to communication becoming even more crucial. The decline of communication this year has led to several students becoming worried or stressed. As a School Officer, I would increase communication by encouraging staff members to keep students informed about important updates, and I would suggest that staff members have social meetings on zoom, where there is no agenda in place.


2.  To create an inclusive environment between students

This has been an isolating year for several people, and I believe that it is essential for all students to feel like they have someone to speak to. As a School Officer, I would be happy to have zoom calls with students. I would be more than happy to help anyone if they are struggling with any problems, or if anyone just needs someone to speak to. My email is


3.  To ensure the voices of students are heard

It is important that all students know that their thoughts and ideas are being listened to. As a School Officer, I would make it my priority that the voices of students are heard by staff and at School Board meetings.

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