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Gordon Lawrie

Do you think that UWS should be doing better? Do you think your education is more important than profit margins? Do you think we deserve more support? I agree. Let's make senior management listen!

TL;DR Manifesto

My name is Gordon Lawrie. I'm a fourth year law student, long term student rep and I'm incredibly annoyed.

Most years I deal with a trickle of student issues. This year it has been a deluge! The message I am hearing loud and clear is that students are begging the University for help and support during this pandemic, and are being ignored.

This isn't what we were promised!

Herald Article where the principle promises "unwavering support"

Students are telling me loud and clear that they have been let down!

Our students are suffering, and instead of engaging with students and our representatives, the University keeps stubbornly doing their own thing. Our Association asked for an equal "No Detriment Policy" to last year. They were ignored! The University claims that the regulations do not allow equal treatment to last year's graduates.

I will draw on my experience to ensure that the University cannot hide behind regulations and legalese to avoid treating students fairly.

Graphs showing that student numbers have risen, but staff numbers have fallen

Students don't feel supported during covid. This was tragically predictable!

Since 2014 student numbers have risen from around 15000 to over 20500. In the same period staff numbers have fallen from a peak of 1441 to just 1181 last year!* Our lecturers are working harder than ever, but they just don't have the support or numbers needed. The University is not broke! Over the same period UWS increased the Vice-Chancellor's pay from £247000 to £280000!*

I will fight to reverse the constant cuts damaging the UWS educational experience.

UWS loves grad fees, sign encouraging no more excuses.

Students keep calling for an abolition of Graduation Fees. The University keeps making excuses!

Last year student council was told there was no money to abolish fees. This year the excuse is the University regulations.

I will lobby the University to abolish these unfair fees. If they try to cite regulations not to, I will seek to amend those regulations. If they claim there is no money I will scrutinise the budgets. I will be relentless until the University does the right thing!

Picture of a megaphone with the text "I do not shut up, UWS students WILL be listened to!"

I will listen, and ensure the University hears you!

I will ensure that every student is able to contact me directly, and knows who I am. I will provide regular updates explaining exactly how the University is responding to student feedback. I will blog regularly about my work so students know exactly what is going on, good and bad.

I will ensure that the UWS student body CANNOT be ignored, and that where improvements are possible, they happen.

I deliver for students and can prove it! Extract of an email showing successful resolution of a case on behalf of a student.

I have tons of experience

I have 15+ years experience of advocating for students. I have done policy work for ChildLine, Welfare Rights in James Watt College, have served on the board of a homeless charity and have worked as a Citizen's Advice Advisor. I have fought, and defeated organisations like the DWP, SAAS, multinational companies and even the mighty Glasgow University. I make things happen!

Please contact me with questions or requests for dog photos or find me on Teams, just look for the Labrador.

*Figures taken from the UWS annual reports.

Summary of the previous text.

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